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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

"oh yes! England does swing like a pendulum do!"

Let's talk about our cousins from over the big pond!
And I thought AMERICANS were materialistic!!
This comes straight from the Britts mouth, y'all!
Had a few visitors from merry ol' England today. Seems "status" mandates whatever they ride needs to be shiny and new!  Than WHAT are you doing in a "Used" bike  shop?
I don't want to sound derivative...but sheesh!  Had a very sweet lady come in with a rich accent, looking at the Bickerton folding bike we have. She rode it, loved the feel, but because there wad a small dent in the aluminum go.  Ever try and remove a dent from a soft metal?  You just make it worse!
The other couple wanted identical bike.  Cure...but...used?  Unlikely! And they wanted new at used prices?  Um....dors it work that way over there?  If so...I'm packing now!
I don't mean to slam our European customers. TRULY.  Just that i find differences compelling....and confounding.
Angi did a dilligent job trying to fullfill their needs as I fought valuantly to get through four stubborn repairs before i needed to head out.
  We had a surprising amount of folks visiting for a raint Tuesday
 I'll let you know! As always, thanks for SO much trust! Two were "do whatever it needs!"  An open ended recipe for a HIGH repair bill....everywhere else!  Not with us though!
I'm a HUGE follower of karma mandates!
No newbies today, though, sadly, as I SO wanted to work on the new Trek we got in!  Maybe tommorow!
We had a good morning, until the rain came back...and even though tomorrow may suck as well...the rest of the week is supposed to be gorgeous!  Here's hoping! to the shower!
See ya soon!


  1. Steven-

    The English are a lot like us: No two alike. Sure, they talk funny and drive on the wrong side of the road and eat weird food, but hey, they're still just like us. Well, mostly... Different language, of course.

    I suspect you might be meeting the English version of The Ugly American.

    These things happen here.

    1. But they had Benny Hill? Oh sure, monty python took away some of that sting...but....still....theres that benny hill thing...just....sitting there...

  2. The English are no different than us. For every Patty Boyd they have a Prince Charles. For every Rowan Atkinson a Benny Hill.

    They just need to send us more Patties and fewer Bennies.