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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Simply put; "What a GREAT Freakin' Weekend!"

Please forgive my delay in the Monday post, but this weekend was a hullaballoo, and didn't end until late Sunday night, than right back into the thick of things come Monday. Monday is my busiest day, i work all three jobs so that's 8 AM to 2.30 AM and blissfully, i was to busy at my scant few hours at the shop to sit at the 'puter!  Angi had six repairs lined up, and she got in a slew of donated newbies in on Sunday, so I had my work cut out for me. Kaleb already had most tore down and ready, and we also picked up a soon to be SAH-WEET Bianchi road bike, today as well!
So, things are picking up!  Seeing more of our beloved snowbirds swinging in to say hello, and check out the wares, and Angi sent the mens Fuji home with one on Sunday. Uea, Sunday is becoming a regular thing, and as soon as Angi and I have a spare few minutes to actually talk, wr need to revamp the posted hours.  Saturday was no slouch either! Sent home to grown ups and three kids!  Not to mention a whole DAY of repairs!  Oh...THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR TRUST!
Sunday has become my unofficial day off. Angi and Elijah run the show, and I do the house thing.  Normally, mow the yard, clean, and pick up the house.  This Sunday though...was different!  All the boys had gone to the shop with mom, so it was me and the girls in the day. After getting the lawn done, i surprised them by stating "we're going out for ice cream!"
You'd think I declared a holiday!
We ended up at the old plaza, grabbed a few things for the house, and ended up further treating them each to a special toy. I wad definitely the hero of the day!  Once we got home, the little girls played in the plastic pool I got on sale for 2 bucks, and had a blast.
One of the boys friends, Cowboy, was doing some yard work for Ango (he reportedly thinks Abgi is a "sexy mom") as she had plans to some re-cycled materials to build a fire pit for the encroaching winter months. And she did a BEAUTIFUL job!!!
Now, Sunday night, was even more AWESOME!!  Another friend of the boys (a now adopted son! LOL!) told us of an abandoned village just off the Pinellas trail in Ozona.  I was intrigued, and mentioned I'd like to see it.  Well, Sunday was the day we did a little adventurous "tresspassing".  We took off around four, and about a half an hour ride away, sure brought, RIGHT off the trail was an abandoned development of about a dozen houses, storage sheds, and a huge garage.  The place us surreal!  Some of them are partially furnished, with clothes still on the hangers but CLEARLY. haven't been lived in for years!!  It was really a unique feeling after dark!  Ride out of some apocalyptic novel!
Once we got hungry wr took off for Subway at the Causrway, then headed home.  And tgats where the REAL fun started!  These young men found out what happens when Daddies endorphins kick in!  We started racing each other from Palm Harbor down the trail, and by downtown Dunedin, they were getting...fatigued.  Once we hit Patricia,,,i could barely see their lights behind me!  They took three short cuts to cut me off and get ahead, only to find i was already ahead of them!  HA, HA!  They passed out shortly after getting home, but i stayed up ro enjoy the awesome new fire pit with Angi.  Very relaxing!
Well, thats it for now, best get some rest.
Angi caught the creping crud from the schoolagers, so I'm goung to TRY and get up in the AM and do the school, openning the shop thing.
We'll see...
Love ya all!

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  1. Hey, Steven- Serge says HI!

    I got to hang out with him yesterday at All College Day at SPC (his table was next to mine).

    What fun!