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Friday, October 30, 2015

The Clock Is Ticking....

What a weird day!!
I guess my body is really adjusting to the night life.  Got home Thursday morning from work, and could not for the life of me, get tired!  Ended up being almost seven Am, and my eyes were still wide open, so I ended up getting the kids up for school, only then realuzing, in my morning absense, the routine had shifted dramatically, and I was out of step.  Round peg amongst a lot of square holes!  The kids did not hesitate to inform me "that's NOT how wr do it!"
Sheesh!  Work with me, okay!
But, with Elijahs help, we got them off in time.  Apparently, dealing with my kids for an hour was more than enough to make me exhausted, and i unceremoniously passed be awaken at 2PM!?!?
I had stuff to do at the shop!!
As it turns out, i had little time, and was only able to do a couple of assesments before turning around and heading to the next job!
BUT...tomorrow starts my weekend, and I'm excited to have a bunch of newbies there to bang on.  Angi picked up a sweet old school, pre walmart ladies Mongoose, that, with a nice set of road tread, is going to make a SAH-WEET commuter!  We also have a bevy of stuff out back i am DESPERATE to clear cut!  Several will surely be fodder for parts, but who knows what potential lurks back there!
Speaking of lurking...Saturday is HALLOWEEN!!  YAY!! Best holiday EVER!!
Can't wait to see what costumes angi is going to cook up!  She acquired a bunch of trimmings recently, so it's anyones guess what the kids will be going as.
Me?  No, i have very little to do with ANY preperations, dressings or make up, i just show up, and walk around the neighborhood, showing off the kids and pilfering their candy stock for Recees peanut butter cups!
Did i mention?  BEST HOLIDAY EVER!!!
And we'll NEED the revelry, as Sunday is Kalebs dead line.  He was given thirty days to find a job, enroll in Ptech or sign up for the military.  Hes done NOTHING all month long but blow and go with his friends and cause SERIOUS stress at the house.  He did FINALLY go to the school this morning, but left with nothing definitive.  He really has only tomorrow to REALLY make something happen.  Unfortunately, he's backed me into a corner.  I can NOT go back on my ultimatum, or risk appear waffeling to the other kuds, who I. KNOW are watching!  Angi and I won't survive another defiant, entitled kid, so we HAVE to lay down the law and final judgment.  I just hope for his sake, he makes something happen tomorrow!!
Not to mention for eliminating my inevitable guilt!
Gawd!  Sometimes i really wish I WAS the heartless prick they think I am, then it wouldn't hurt so much!
Anyway, enough of that, refocus energy, think good thoughts and breathe....
Just breathe.
Hope to see y'all tomorrow!


  1. Breath in breath out , move on.
    ps. Have somebody do a little QA check on the rides your pumping out in your exhausted state, don't want anything getting overlooked.

  2. So... With Grand Master K. getting the ol' "fish 'r cut bait", what of the others under you tent in similar shoes?

    Sounds like you may have a fair bit o' space in yer house come Tuesday.

  3. No worries, John, Angi is always on top of checking quality! She has a good eye! Well, Chip, that remains to be seen. Angi is working on getting Miranda in Pre K, and Elijah (currently keeping an eye on her) is well aware his days of free rides are coming to an end.

  4. JoAnn and I agree that Elijah would make an incredible pediatric nurse. His way with small children is the very best we have ever seen. Santa Claus wishes he was that goods with kids. Seriously.

    Kaleb's future may lie more in the realm of license plate production.

    We shall see.

    Hopefully, from a safe distance.