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Saturday, October 24, 2015

why we don't focus on other things while building bikes!

Well, yesterday was almost a wash, very sad for a Friday, but THAT'S why I stay to the last minute!  Had a couple repairs come through the door in the last ten minutes that made the day!
The day was not a waste though, as after banging out a couple repairs waiting for pick up, in the AM, went on to another rebuild. Boy, golly Bob Howdy this one was a bear!  They seldom are as simple as you hope!  This one is a 29er MTB, so as we don't get many of those, i really needed to take care of her.  Though I'll tell you, more work than i would usually invest in what otherwise be a parts bike! The end result, though, was worth it.  Even more surprising, was being in the charitable mood of "saving at all costs" i approached the next project, a simple 24" MTB, with the same gusto.  Befire i knew it, this $45.00 bike had its wheels, crank, bottom bracket, shifters, cables and headset replaced!  WHAT WAS I THINKING?!"
OH Well!  Someone is going to get a great deal.
Today, once I put the finishing touches on the underpriced ride, i'm going to go on to a somewhat rough looking "banger" road bike.  Full mechanical rebuild, but no paint.  We're gonna give someone a good starter road ride.
After that, time permitting, gonna dig through the back and see what there is to see!
Allright, so back at it!
See y'all soon!

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