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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Someone Get This Monkey Off My. Back!

Oy vey!
So...ugh of a week. Not business mind you, that's been getting steadily better.  No, it's the traditional annual ickies that the kids bring home. Laid momma out, but she still pushed, persevered and kept the shop running.  Of course, i haven't learned not to give Angi sympathy kisses and caught the bug myself. Yuck.  Was fighting it for four days, then wendsday around two pm it hit me like a Mack truck!  Regrettably, i had to csll out at the plant, and go home and sleep for...well, a long bloody time!  But, i hauled my carcass in to the shop Thursday anyway, as i REALLY wanted to put out that SWEET Bianchi road bike. Although, being somewhat out of it I had to wrap the bars NOT twice but THREE times!  First time I forgot to put the bloody brake levers on...second time I didn't pay attention to the fact they we bottom feeds!  ARRGH!!
Oh...angi got an earful of DADDY. language before putting her earbuds in and drowning me out!  LOL!
But, in the end, the ride was SO worth it!  Check out the pics of this throw away rebuuld!  Yea, someone actually chucked this beauty in the trash!  Thank Heavens one of our scrappers got to ot before the city!  Oh, and while we're on the subject, all our prayers go out to John, who is recovering from a stroke, but still out scouring for scrap.  Just take it easy, my friend, we want you around for a long time!
So, we have added a total of four GORGEOUS newbies to the line up this week, with more to come!  Angi is out for the morning tomorrow, taking Miranda to an appointment, so I'll be in first thing (in about six hours)  and right to work on more!
Oh, and check out the fine looking Schwinn hybrid another regular brought in.  This one is CHERRY!
Allright, i best get a shower and some sack time, as 8 am will be rolling around right quick!
Come visit me tomorrow, I'll be there all day!
Don't forget to tip your waiter!


  1. I'm off to ride my errands through three towns today- You are on my Stop By list at Number Two!

    See you real soon!

  2. Tis the season to vitamin C up. Get well soon. The rumors of my demise are greatly overstated or you must be speaking of a different John.
    That Bianci is sure a sweet looking ride. Are those bars wrapped with old tubes? I usually do mine like that but the bottom ends are not easily tucked in. Nice job. =)

    1. Yea, different John. Definitely old tubes, as it says in the name, "recycle"! Waka wakka!

  3. Steven- Had a blast at the shop today- even saw Kyle northbound as I was southbound! And as for the cycling antics of your number two son, they do not worry me in the least. I always keep a black suit at the ready for funerals.

    1. Yea, a constant cause of consternation that kid!

  4. Alas, Kimosabe, he's not a kid any more.

    He needs to understand that, and all that it means.

    And who pays the ticket.

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