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Monday, January 11, 2016

.....I just want to bang on these drums all day!

Welcome to another Monday!
This weekend was a hoot!  No, not blistering busy, as would be preferable, but the folks that did come in were incredibly nice!  Proud to say we won over six repair folk, who eagerly collected handfuls of business cards to hand out to friends as they were complimentary and surprised at not only the service but the straight forward way in which we worked with them.  Oh yes, we're bragging again, so mind your footing!

One gent brought in an old school Schwinn three speed with a bad rear end.  He'd brought it to another joint, and yes, got the prerequisite "you just need to buy a NEW bike!" but, when he said he WANTED the old one (as he had just bought it SPECIFICALLY for its age)  they said he needed to buy a new rear wheel ($199.00) and he asked, can they just fix it?  Apparently, the mechanic (salesman) sighed, annoyingly, and stated they were "backed up"  and it would be two weeks before they could get to it?  Really, with a full staff of mechs?  SHEESH!  I want to be THAT busy!!  Defeated, he headed out not knowing what to do.  As fate would have, a fellow rider told him about us.  In his words, the experience was all together different coming to us.  Not only did we whole heartedly agree with his desire to keep this choice piece of steel on the road, but we'd have him in and out in two and a half hours (we did it in under two...only because we had three repairs in line before him)  and the price was 1/8th of the other offer, a fact he found very pleasing!
Yep, the whole day was filled with such pleasantries as that, so I left at the end of the day feeling mighty good about myself for being blessed to help so many folks!
Elijah had an equally fullfilling day on Sunday, taking in three more fixer uppers, and sent the 24" Schwinn to a new, happy home.
Today, have an old school Mongoose in my rack, almost done, then on to a sharp looking Schwinn mtb.  Angi and I decided to just hang with the rest of the kiddos and have a semi fun day.  Eventually, a friend of Owrns showed up with a bag full if nerf guns...and the Zombie Apocalypse was upon us once again!  Mom and dad called the pirch a quarantine zone, off limits to corpses and hunters alike!  Eventually, it was baths and beds.  Angela, having recently broken down and got cable hoojed up at the house, handed me the remote granting me allowance to choose what I wanted to watch.  I lit upon a PBS docunentary about prohibition by ken burns.  Eventually...she passed out with her head on my lap!  Ha ha!  Guess I'm getting old and boring!
Anywho, off to work now...
So, without further blather, best get to it!
See ya soon!


  1. Funny thing: In all of my years of fussing with bikes, I've never actually seen a broken English Sturmey-Archer three-speed hub. (Or a broken Japanese Shimano 3-3-3 for that matter.) Oh, plenty of them mis-adjusted, but never actually busted. Not saying that it doesn't happen, only that it doesn't seem to happen around me. Ever.

    And you really need to start naming bike shop names, my friend, because you know they'd name you in a heartbeat if the river ran the other way.

    1. Well...that's what sets us above the rest...integrity!

  2. Oh, I'd like to think there's a good shop or two still out there, but unless you start naming the bad ones, who's to know for sure?

    My fear is, of course, that you will call out another shop that I like and trust.

    But I'd rather know for sure.

    1. See, here's thecway I see it. For all anybody who reads this blog knows is, i could be full of bovine droppings. I could be just like some of these other joints and just be bad mouthing others to make us look good. Dropping a name feels like, i could be doing just that. I relay the tales told to me as a cautionary tale for folks to be leary, and out of righteous indignation that some business would practice such tactics. I'll let people judge yhese shops on their own merits as i would not ask anything less for how they judge us.