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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Back AWAY from the abbacus!

No, no, no....SERIOUSLY!?
THIS is how freaking BAD our dependency on technology has become!
I went to the bank this morning to make a deposit.  As I waited in line for the transaction in front of me to finish, i noticed there was some slight perplexity to it, being multiple cash deposits.  Once completed, the customer departed, but the teller suddenly looked concerned and started shuffling about stacks of bills.  Who I assume was the manager came over, more shuffling, then the other two tellers joined in to help.  The first teller took a large stack of fives and put it in the money counter, and in a few seconds stated "I have 90, much is that?"
My jaw dropped.  But what came next was worse!  Neither the manager nor the other two tellers had ANY clue...and started searching for a calculator #!#
Impatient to finish my business I spoke , barely hiding the sarcasm and said "450.00...the number you're looking for is....$450.00"
SHEESH!   Even more shocking was how surprised they were that I was so good at math!?  Its not advanced's freaking basic multiplication!!
No wonder Americas financial institutions are so ban-jacked!
Twas another slow cold one today.  But I did manage to pick up a soon to be sweet lightweight Fuji hybrid, big boy AND the offer of a writting gig for an Internet TV show, popping out scripts.  Oh, long story, but turns out an actor, turned acting teacher, turned film producer supplied the Fuji, we got to talking, he described the concept briefly, then offered me the opportunity.  More on that as it unfolds.
Did a few repairs, but not much else, sadly.  Need to gather up some parts for the rides in limbo, and found out...we were...out.  Simple stuff...until you don't have any more!
Hopefully will rectify that tomorrow!
Well...sorry so short....but running on two hours sleep for nineteen hours work....I'm bushed.  Well ok, hard to call the five hours at the shop puttering..."work"...but I wasn't sleeping!
Anyway, love y'all!


  1. For all of you math geeks out there (both of us):

    Pick a number. ANY number. Now double it and add six. Take that resulting number and divide it in half. Now subtract your original number.

    The answer is three.


    What fun!

  2. Wow . . . Do you have any folders that would support 275 lbS. that the nuts and screws would support at the divided part of the 2 halves?

    1. The only limitations we have in dealing strictly with used bikes is we rately get any paperwork with the bikes we get in. Some info us available online, but as far as weight capacity? Not so much.

  3. Good question. I would rate any normal bicycle as having a 200-pound weight limit. Above that, you start breaking spokes on a regular basis. Different wheels, "tandem" wheels (more spokes per wheel, thicker spokes) will help.

    So does the brand name "WORKSMAN", made in New York City. They build the bike for the full-bodied man (or woman).