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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Pooh's Blustery Day!

Wha' Happen'?!?!
Yesterday afternoon it had warmed up, the air was clear with a low breeze...then I woke up this morning to find winter had come back around with a vengeance!  Not only had the freezing temps returned, but at some point it rained heavily and brought about a wind so stiff, that when I got to the shop the bikes out back had been blown several feet from where they had originally been moored!  WOOF! 
Suzanne definitely didn't like the hike in this morning!  Each time a gust came through she halted stubbornly!  Reminds me of a mule I once worked with, eons ago.  No, that's not a euphemism...I'm talking about an actual stubborn mule, Daisy.  She was the quintessential "Stubborn Ass" as it were!  Loved her though.
Anywho, slight reminiscent tangent there...
Yesterday morning, it was overcast as well, most folks were barricaded in, so needless to say it was a tad bit quiet.  We had a few repairs that kept me busy for most of the day, but did manage to get out one newbie, a nice lightweight ladies Schwinn MTB.  We did send a few bargain deal kiddo bikes to new homes, but the "Grups" stuck around for another day (OK...if you don't know what that is, check out episode 8, Season 1 of Star Trek; TOS) and finished the day off doing an assembly on a three wheeler.  Now HERE'S where "some assembly required" is laughingly understated!  You'd be surprised at what you can fit in a box 16X24X36!!! 
I have to applaud Schwinn for their packaging prowess!  At least they used lots of bubble wrap!  That kept the girls occupied.  for a little while at least!
Totally off the subject...I have a pondering that has perplexed me for a little while and maybe someone out there within the sound of my voice can answer;  during our families last few sojourns to the grocery store, "hunting and gathering" I have noticed one thing; prices are still slowly eeking up. Why is that?  When food prices were way jacked up a year or so ago, the reason sighted by the industry was "cost of transportation".  Then, gas prices reaching $4.00 a gallon, one could, reluctantly, see the reasoning behind this.  BUT, gas is now well below $2.00 a gallon, so WHY the steady increases?  I know there have been other factors involved in cost increase, crop yields being effected by global warming, the avian flu outbreak in the poultry industry.  But is this no other reason then our governments still stubbornly holding on to the edict that they won't admit how REALLY bad things have gotten across our planet?  That PERHAPS it is ALL about Gasoline?  Not so much the cost, but because we have been SOOOO dependent upon it for SOOOO long that we have REALLY screwed up our planet!?  Instead of all the worlds governments getting SERIOUS about controls. regulation and limits on how many cars can be on the road, SERIOUS investment in alternative energy sources, heavily regulating the manufacturing industries output and giving not only America but all the developing countries a REAL BIG REALITY BITCH SLAP as to what NEEDS to be done!  Perhaps, the plateau so many "crackpot doomsday sayers" were warning us about decades ago really HAS come and gone!  And this is nothing more then the oil industries way of trying to milk as much profit as they can.  I mean, the air quality in China and India's cities is so bad it has been classified as "lethal"?  REALLY!?!  What is it going to TAKE to wake people up!?! Is the status of owning a BMW to ride to the local market so much more valuable then the ability to take your children outside!?! Or to inhale morning air WITHOUT feeling like you just smoked an entire pack of cheap cigarettes at once? 
Oh...and don't get me started about cell phones!  I may be a little behind on the information stream, but I had NO idea that they kill bees?! 
All those cautionary Sci-Fi tales of Armageddon?  Alien attack, global nuclear war, or massive asteroids?  Nah.  "The Postman" is about as close to truth as you can get!  It's ALL gonna be because of us folks! 
Oh...I got a wee bit negative there!  Yea...beneath this calm, easy going exterior beats the heart of one really frustrated "Mo-fo"!
ALLRIGHTY, back to our contribution to the Global Effort...I'm gonna build some more non polluting modes of transportation!
You do YOUR part and come see us, post haste!

Sorry, I got your question regarding the classic 50's ride of your dads, but for some unknow reason cannot respond to it through Google, and I SOOOO don't want anyone to think I am ignoring them!  Hopefully you're reading this.  First, yes, I do know of a place willing to take it off your hands....US!  We're about it!  We can offer consignment services AND we take care of the cleaning and restoration as well!  If your looking to get an idea of it's value, just text us a picture at the shop (727) 831-9742 an I'll do the research.  We'd LOVE to get any and all old rides back on the road!  Hope to hear from you soon!
ONLY $70.00!!!

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  1. Hi. Doom Sayer here. (Internationally published award-winning doom sayer, thanks so much for asking.) And yeah, it really does get tiresome having to explain to everyone on earth, ONE PERSON AT A TIME, why the oil is going to run out and why that might be a problem. That's why a lot of us stopped harping on it. It will happen no matter what we say- and no matter what you hear.

    Steven's read "Peak of the Devil". Have you?