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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Yea, yea!  I know!  After all my bluster about the rides I built this weekend and the promise I made to post pics, by the time I got to the end of the post...I firgot!
Sucks getting old!
But, I went back today and tagged them on so it LOOKS like I  remembered.
Act impressed.
So, ok, today...put out two, but posted them on Monday's page.  Dont ask why, couldn't tell ya!  Well, maybe because two of the ones from this weekend went to new homes already, and I  promised pics of four.
Again....act impressed.
Other than sending the Sah-WEEEET ladies Trek Mtb we put together home with a nice young lady, and pushing out a couple more pick ups it was slooooooow.  That is more likely due to the fact that it was cold enough to play an LP on my chest today...think about it...
I took one step out the door this morning than lunged back into the hall closet to retrieve ALL MY COATS!  I looked like freakin Cartman when I  left! "RESPECT MY A-TOR-AH-TEE!"
But, gave me time to fix Greedo, as I have had no time to do so, and hes been garaged for the last week as I have been using angis powder blue ladies cruiser to get back and forth!  Oh yea.. I  AM a man totally secure in his sexuality.  I strike such the image toolin around on that puppy!  Sheesh!
Although...the last couple of days had been dedicated to the Mongoose.  Have picked up three pre Wal-Mart bad boys and will be banging on them tomorrow.  Not cheesy BMX mind you, but decent MTBS and a hybrid.  These will be CHA-OICE When done!, put my feet up on the counter, watched the trilogy of Family Guy  Star Wars and a couple MST3K flicks to pass the quiet moments.  Got a lot of looky loos though
 So the seasons kicking in as all their friends and neighbors preach the gospel that you want a GREAT ride at a GREAT price...only one joint in town to get it!
Then they come see us! Ah-HA!
Yea...I'm thinking of changing the store name to "Miracle Bicycles" .  Got the perfect tag line, too: "If the bike runs good, it's a MIRACLE!"
Alright....I'll shut up. to shower and nap.
See y'all soon!

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  1. I have a vintage Royal Crown (1950's) bicycle that my father wants me to sell for him. It has only been owned by him ... since the 50's. It needs some TLC, but it's a nice bike for someone willing to make it shine. I have no idea of how much to ask for this little piece of history. Any advice? I live in Clearwater, so if you know of any local places that might take it off my hands, that would be helpful too.