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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Roads Unseen, Quickly Become The Right Direction To Travel.

oh...I. know.  I pop in and out, and am far less then consistent with my entries, but it's been a blustery, tumultuous few days.  Yes, fraught with drama, but then what can one expect given all the personalities running amuck around here?
Where to recap?
I can remember, with a slight twinge of remorse, just the kind of know-it-all, arrogant little (and please forgive my language) prick I was when "manhood" filled me with the assurance that I was unquestionably more wordly and knowledgeable about the way  things worked, and the adults around me had NO CLUE how things were in MY generation!  So, it is with a forlorn state of drrad that i cringe at Kalebs recent, albeit. rash decision to jetison himself from the nest, and crash headlong into self sufficiency.  For lack of a better term.  Having recieved his first paycheck, rather then contribute to his upkeep around here, he and a friend moved in to a weely rental "apartment" (and, from what I've heard of the condition of his new digs...the description is VERY generous) with little money left over to eat.   Many have told me, I have to let him rise or fall on his own, but for all my bluster, I can't help but wish he would have heeded my suggestions and waited it out to see how the job works out.  Painting crews are notoriously....unreliable.  You can work steady for a couple months, get comfortable, then show up for work one day, only to find out there's NO WORK!  I hope for his sake...i'm wrong.
...but I know I'm not.
The sibling upside, however,, is that Elijah truly HAS gotten it!
My father always taught me, a mans job is to work, and provide.  In doing so, he MUST take pride in whatever he does, and do it to the best of his ability.  In short. "If you can't do something right...get the F@$# out of the way and let someone ELSE do it!"
Words I have strived most of my life to live up too.
Tonight...I was brimming with unbridled pride to see the same lesson I have tried to pound into my sons head, has finally sunk in!  Elijah, came to the plant tonight with an awesome treat of Angis home cooked beef stew (which I devoured!)  then proceeded to...go back to work?  He saw a tank to one of the machines that had not been finished properly, and, disgusted, took it upon himself to fix!  Nit only did he do it with pride and gusto...but he did it WELL!  And...he was proud of his finish.
It may seem like a little thing...but a boy, who six months ago was a lump on our becoming a man.
Not only that, but Logan, recently turned fourteen, and discovering that Publix hires at his age, excitedly pleaded with me to let him apply so he could "help out the family"!
DAMN.....You could have knocked me over with a Finches feather!
Perhaps...all of Angi and my insistence on the importance of famy sticking together...was not lost!
Forgive me the indulgence folks, but my chest really puffed up with a flood of pride today!
The shop has been hopping, and the new schedule seems to be working (knock on wood!)  being there in the AM for open until mid afternoon is really helpping with the influx of repairs!  Thanks to all for the trust!  Even managed to put out a sweet classic Schwinn MTB today!  Nice little hardtail to rival the higher-Ups of it's time...before Wal-Mart screwed them up!  Tomorrow...I hope to put out a couple cruisers we have out one has already been sold!  We'll see what come up next!
On another front, I am somewhat ashamed to reveal.  Going into my other job, I was informed upon hiring, that at some point in their near future, they woukd be relocating operations to a new building on the outskirts of Pinellas Park.  Originally, I paid it no heed, as I had anticipated my employment there would only be temporary.  I had no idea I would come to love the company and really appreciate the employers and employees.  So,  given my shift hours, I realized  using Greedo to get there was out of the question (yes, i've rode the distance before, but I am FAR to old to be doing it four days a week after  I worked ten hours, at 2.30 in the bloody morning!) and buses don't run that time of day!  So...I  am going to have to get....SHUDDER.... get motorized transportation!  AHHHHH!!!
I have lamented over this, but find I have no alternative...BUT.... I'm going LOW KEY!
I'm getting a scooter!  Yes, in the next few weeks I'll be searching for the perfect, retro style get around.  Have seen a coyple of the classic Italian style ones I want, so pretty soon there will be an adition to our shed!
oh...I've jawed so much.. and my nose is freezing, so I better run.
sre y'all soon!


  1. Having owned and ridden scooters for some 30 years now, here's my advice, my friend: By a name brand. Do NOT buy a cheap Chinese knock-off, no matter how good a deal you think it is up front. Think Parts Availability. You don't want sidelined for the lack of a $3 part. Honda, Yamaha and Vespa are the big names here. Shop within that close circle.

    Buy the scooter from a dealer that can back it up with parts and service. Ebay and Craigslist do NOT count. They exist to make Walmart look good. Now you're just buying a boat anchor.

    Dress for Success: That means A REAL MOTORCYCLE HELMET, serious gloves ans eye protection. this is just like bicycling, but everything happens faster. Especially the bad stuff.

    Make sure you can bring your machine INSIDE when not in use or it will simply rot or be stolen. Either way makes for a mighty long walk.

    And watch Quadrophenia. It's required.

  2. Congrats on the brood turning the corner. =)

  3. Thank you sir. It's been a long time coming, but I always knew it was in there!