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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Oh Yea...It's That Good!

Oh what a day!  A day of rekindeling my romance with bicycles and all the joy and motivation for working with them!  Another TERRIFIC TUESDAY!!  Sent three rides to new homes before eleven o'clock and had great fun yackin' with the folks inspired to come to US!  WAHOO!  Not to mention a flurry of repairs which were ALL brought in on referral!  Oh MAN that does SOOOO much to motivate the little veloist elf in me!  One such repair felt OBLIGATED ro come see us, as, in his words EVERYONE in his new community INSISTED he bring his ride to RE-Cycle!  And, an hour later, his needs met, he exclaimed hiw right they were, as he grabbed a handfull of business cards to hand out to folks in need.
Man, I'll tell you, ALL that love today had me on Cloud 9 and SOOO not wanting to leave the shop!
We picked up a real clean classic ladies Schwinn touring bike, to boot!  Needed a little TLC and a new set of tires and tubes, but boy oh boy is she gorgeOUS!!
The real bonus was not only meeting another "Mysty" (fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000) but turning on three other folks to the whimsical joy of Mike, Joel and the 'bots!  Yea, the episodes I have are pretty much running on a constant loop in the shop every day!
The new nanny seems to be working out, and Miranda seems to be beginning to adapt.  Yea, we lucked out finding someone we could afford and was good with kids.  This allows Angi and I to have a seamless transition in the afternoon with no close time.  We REALLY hated doing that, and all the inconvenience it caused folks, but, family first!
She will be going to school soon, so that will take some of the chaos away as well.
If I hadn't mentioned...Kaleb seeems to be headed on the straight and narrow....somewhat.  He started a job on a painting crew last week and is dilogently going to work each day,'s hoping!  This weekend we start some shuffling about in the house as we move the older boys into their own quartets in the back room.  Segregated from everyone else, they'll have a private entrance, giving them the illusion of freedom, while assuring they won't have access to the fridge!  My sincerest hope is, they get the point and branch out on their own!
Elijah continues to amaze me, as he not only truly loves hus job, but starting next week, begins training for welding!  You go son!!  I hope by the end of the year hes making tons more cash than me!
The other kiddos, without fail, are rarely a problem more than standard angst.  Logan, who during vacation did an EXCELLENT job helping out running the shop, is truly growing into his own mind.  I have a GREAT deal of respect for that kid!  I'll tell you, no matter who you are, if you're full of crap, he WILL tell you!!  He holds NOTHING back.  GOD..I envy his honesty, wit and sharp mind!
Ok...i've bragged enough, time to hit the sheets!
Stop by tomorrow and say hey!



    I'm only sort of kidding. Your family rocks, you know that, and I really dig it when there's one or two in the shop when I stop by. They are a total blast.

    But seriously: WHAT SCHWINN?

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