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Friday, January 8, 2016


It may not always seem it, but we work pretty much on the basis of real world common sense.  Granted, in an etheral shroud of disorganized chaos, but you get
the point.
So, get a call this AM from a lady who needs an assessment done on her two bikes for repairs.  She's trying to decide whether it's more practical to repair or replace.  Very sensible.  No point in putting a bunch of moola into a bike to get it rideable, if you could just upgrade for the same price or a few bucks more.  She briefly described the issues then tentatively asked if we CHARGED for that.  I gave a slight chuckle and answered no.  It's relatively simple for someone who works on bikes for a living to be able to detetmine in five minuets what you need, then add it up (well...unless you work in a bank).  She sighed audibly, then informed me she had brought them to ANOTHER bike shop, and not only were they pretentious and rude but that they were going to charge her Forty bucks EACH to figure out what was wrong with them!!
Ok, in all fairness, if you are use to working on $2000.00 plus bikes, and an assessment may involve a laser level, a bank of computers and flying in a consultant from NASA....ok....yea....maybe the double Jacksons are warranted,'s a Giant and a Schwinn.  In the case of the Schwinn...forty is probably gonna be more then the bikes worth if its busted!
Now WHO could EVER question why we got into this biz!   SOMEONE has to look out for us "little people"!  Sure as bajebuzz aint these boutiques!
Added a couple more to the line up today.  The Fuji went out..then....ten miuets later...went out the door.  Also put up a real sharp and like new 20" foldong bike and got in a real sweet Giant hybrid I'll have going tomorrow.  Other then that, and some repairs, was another still one.  But, tomorrow is Friday and I hope fer the best!  Still got lots to work on and a runner to get me parts!
So, big warm squishy kisses...i'm gone!

1 comment:

  1. Okay, Buck-O, THAT'S IT:

    You REALLY gotta start namin' bike shop names here.

    With at least thirty bike shops in this county, you know I frequent one or two others, and depending on what people want, tend to recommend one of the three.

    I really need to know if my trust in those other two is misplaced, and to do that, I need for you to tell me, tell all of us, where these people are going that it goes so not very well.