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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Remus..Man if Mystery!

Well!  Don't I feel like the big poopie!  I gave the gift of a big meaty ham bone to Suzanne yesterday, which she gobbled up, marrow and all, only to have it disagree with her tummy!  Worse thing beyond her discomfort?  I was at work when it hit so Angi and the kids had to deal with the messy aftermath !
Oh boy!
She seems okay now, though, her usual excited full body wag greeting me when I got home and prerequisite full on atttack of hugs and kisses, but I still feel bad for everyone.  I got her some Gatorade to help restore her, and hope it helps.
Today, i kept busy with repairs, and putting out a few newbies that I'll have to add pics for later as I forgot to snap them today.  The weather worn Mongoose...pre Wal-Mart that is...turned out sweet! Got out a banger 20" and another "AS-IS SPECIAL " as well!  Angi picked up a couple more repairs in the afternoon, so I'll bang them out ASAP tomorrow then go back to new builds as we STILL have a lot to work with!
So, my latest fixation?  George Remus!
Oh, if you don't know him, Google!
Short synopsis, German immagrant, came to the states when he was five, left school at around fourteen to work in a drug store to support his family, then by nineteen bought the drugstore and expanded.  By 24, bored, went to law school and became a prominent and wealthy defense attorney.  Then, the Volstead act was passed, prohibition hit, and soon discovered the bootleggers he defended were QUITE wealthy!  Studying the laws of prohibition, he decided to get rich and became one of the most predominant bootleggers in America!  Oh, it goes on from there!  A VERY colorful life and he was the inspiration for the title character in the Great Gatsby!  As far as business smarts, bucking and USING the system...the man was brilliant!
Okay.  Gonna read a little more about him before bed!  See Y'ALL soon!

And here we are, later this morning, plugging away!  Picked up a very unique three wheel recumbent that needs quite a bit of work, but thats gonna be SAH-WEEEET when shes done!
Ok, that's it...back to work!

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