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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Just Cleaning Off The Dust!

OKAY!  WOW!  I really need to dust off the cobwebs in this Blog room!  Definitely collecting from lack of use!  Yes, combination of busy week in the P of M at the other joint, 95 plus degrees each night last week in there and I was DRAINED by the time I got back.  Spent almost every day just sleeping as Logan ran the shop. I am definitely getting old!  But, yesterday and today and into tomorrow I am banging on the bikes hard! SHEESH!  It has gotten WAY FULL in here.  WOOF!!  Got another batch of the NEW NEWBIES in and there are some GEMS!  Check these out below!  Now, as far as updates...enh...this week not so much!  With this heat wave and daily storms, once again we hit the summer crud that keeps all Floridians clinging to their air conditioners.'s things been for you?
Well...jeeze, sorry, I'm just going to do a little cleaning in here then get back to work!
For any more daily updates Like us on Faebook.  That rooms a lot cleaner anyway!

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  1. You know, now might be the best time to shop- You've got that big summer selection that will disappear with the first hint of fall...