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Monday, August 8, 2016

One Step Closer To 50

At this point I HAVE to ask "WHO left the water running?!"
Yes, another one of those "Comment on the weather" kind of openings, but JEEZE LOUISE!!! 
I think I'm gonna have to gather a lot of wood and figure out what a cubit is!
It goes without saying, that because of the sheer volume of water coming down this weekend we had very few visitors, but still enough to keep us busy with repairs.   Nothing found a home this weekend, but we did take in a few for our machinations! I am determined to get to a few of them ASAP and try and have out before to long.
I do want to thank those folks who did brave the elements though, especially on Saturday when it was REALLY bad! Woke up to the thunderous roar of rain on the roof.  Even though I love the sound of a good rain and thunderstorm...not so much when you have to work! 
And a shout out to the couple who came in from Palm Springs.  WOW!  Quite the drive!  They'd been following us on Facebook, the Blog and Craigslist and decided to make a day of it, explore Dunedin (eagerly taking my advice to check out Flanagan's Pub Downtown, for lunch) but to come in and introduce themselves, check out our wares in the hopes of finding a couple of choice hybrids.  Sadly, we had nothing to show at the moment to fit their needs, but left us with their info for when we do get something.  Their explanation being that even though they could afford to buy new, they would much prefer to support the kind of conservation we do.  In their words, however, there is no other place like us between us and them, thus the long trek. 
To this day, I can't help but wonder why more folks don't do this kind of thing.  Sure, you AINT getting rich at it, but by the end of the day it is a very fulfilling feeling knowing that not only have you helped some folks out, saved a few pounds of pollution from choking our atmosphere, but also kept a landfill a few dozen pounds lighter!
Well today is a minor milestone in my life, albeit causing some melancholy.  Today I turned 49.  Ugh.  Due to recent changes in my life it is a day filled with a combination of hope and malaise.  Hopefully, it won't linger to long.  To that end, going to put something funny into watch, and get to work with my hands.  The simple joy of recreation itself tends to drive me from my funk!
See y'all Soon!

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