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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Bicycles 1 / City 0

Oh Ugh.  
Started off as one of THOSE days! 
Came in early this AM with the intention of getting an early jump on finishing up the Giant MTB in my rack.  Everything was going fine until I had to go out back for a few minuets in my opening duties to take out the garbage.  Seems my brain was not with me when I first came in (running on only a few hours of sleep) and I forgot my keys in the front door. Well...that's bad enough but while I was cleaning up the back a friendly neighborhood patrolman happened by the shop, saw the keys dangling in the door, found no one in the shop, and promptly took the keys out of the door and let his card with a small note.  Coming up front a little before ten to open... I found the note.
Hand slap to forehead.
Thankfully, when I called, he was still in the area and brought them back promptly.  True, could have been worse in so many ways, but ugh! 
So, yesterday, was about a few more repairs and getting started on the sweet Giant scratch build.  We got in the nice looking frame with a few components and getting it worked up now.  Hope to have done before it's time to head out.  Gonna go more street then mountain.
Hoping today will see some more folks coming through the door.  It has been far to quite over the last couple of weeks, obviously due to weather, and I'm missing all the happy faces finding their new transportation.
OH!  Speaking of "Transportation"! 
The other day, after dropping off Izzy from school and getting ready to head off to work, we got a visit from the "City Code Enforcement"  (AHHHH....My old nemesis...we meet again).  Seems they had gotten "calls" from concerned neighbors about the "condition of our yard"
Points of contention being "clutter". 
WHAT clutter?  As I looked out upon the yard seeing only a few assorted balls, a tricycle against the tree, and some beach toys in the girls favorite digging spot.
Well, the "Clutter" they were talking about, was our bikes.
Apparently Bicycles, are "clutter"
Oh...anyone who knows me, KNOWS where this is going!
It's a fair assumption that my IRE was rising.
I curtly (oh...that is SUCH a kind description of the tone of my voice!) exclaimed "THAT "clutter" are our transportation.
He looked incredulously at the six bikes in the driveway, sneered slightly, and stated "why do you need so many?" going on further to explain that they had received reports that we had up to twenty bikes in the yard.
Aside from the six vintage bikes we have neatly displayed in the front and along the side of the house as "lawn art" (NOT against code) I told him that we have a total of nine that are regularly in the driveway throughout the day.  He stated "well. you need to keep them in the shed" 
Oh...NOW my ANTI-CAR opinion came out and I informed him that yes, in fact, prior to going in at the end of the evening the bikes ARE put in the shed, but are left out until then in case they are needed.
Sadly... he continued on with "eye sore" and clutter.  WELL... NOW my voice went up a few volume clicks and became a wee bit less accommodating as I informed him, as I gestured to ALL the cars parked in various driveways around us, "each house has a driveway used for the parking of the occupants transportation.  As we DO NOT drive or own a car, but instead choose to use BICYCLES as our transportation, we WILL use our driveway to park them.  Unless of course, you tell ALL the residents of this neighborhood that they can no longer park THEIR cluttering eyesores in the driveway, THEN we will remove ours. 
He didn't have a lot to say after that.
I'm gonna write that up as a win!
Okey Doke! to work!

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