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Thursday, June 23, 2016

In Life...grab what fullfills may not be afforded a second chance!

Oh, if you folks ain't out there riding...You SHOULD be!  Sure, the days feel a lot like bundling up in a parka, covering yourself with a wool blanket and climbing up into the attic to take a roll in the insulation in August, but the Nights?  Not to mention early morning?  WA-HOO!  There is a cool breeze coming from...somewhere, and it is SAH-WEET!  The roads to yourselves, very little noise!  Oh, it does the soul GOOD! Just came in from my ride home and took a couple extra miles just to unwind!  Nothing but me, a couple cops and the paperboys! 
So, to all the folks calling in and inquiring about the Evox recumbent, WAS an awesome bike!'s gone! It NEVER ceases to amaze me!  No matter HOW much I shout "DON'T WAIT!" to folks they must think I am full of bunk...high pressure sales and all that.
Um....NOPE! We've been doing this shtick for ten years!  We know how long it takes to find a new home for our rides and it is a QUICK adoption process!!! Most of these doe eyed beauties don't last for more then 24 hours before someone becomes smitten with the charms, and THRILLED at the LOW PRICED adoption fees!  The Evox was NO exception!  It's had only gone out Monday and we must have had two dozen calls within MINUTES of posting, and almost unanimously everyone, although THRILLED to find such a fine ride SOOOOO cheap...said they'd be in this weekend to look at it!?
I DO hope those people call first and save themselves a trip!
Today, yet again, was all about the repairs!  I did manage to get that sweet old Giant HUGE Big Boy stripped down and some of the parts picked out before I had to head out to sweat my nethers off at the plant!
Logan managed things after I headed out, and from what I heard took in a few more fixer uppers!  Have t check them out first thing!
And too anyone coming by the old Shoppe these last few mornings...sorry if I haven't been here waiting.  Although I really love my new position at the plant, the heat coupled with a VERY constant, steady work flow, has left me exhausted at the end of my couple days this past week or so I have done a "whoopsie" and opened late.  I do HATE doing that...but...these old bones....what ya gonna do?
Speaking of which, best get some sleep!
See y'all tomorrow!

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