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Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Good Morning!'s morning for me!  My body has shifted full force into the realm of the third shifter, lo these many months, and now the brain doesn't shut off much before 6.30 am every given day!  UGH!  No longer do I even have the respite of weekend sleeping in.  I must say, though, this summer has so far been a far cry different then last year!  Even though the weather is similar, it as ot seem to impede those whom love the Veloist life style and those intrigued by it's allure to take up the two wheels and hit the streets!  This, of course translates into more folks needing to maintain or replace their rides and we have been kept busy providing these needs!  ALL HAIL THE CYCLISTS!!  We extend our most heartfelt gratitude to all those who keep visiting.  And perhaps, given the current state of American Politics, perhaps many of you are preparing yourself for a European lifestyle, perhaps anticipating a quick exodus to more bicycle friendly countries, abandoning the almost assured doom of the American landscape should a certain person take the highest of offices.  Can't say as I blame you!  Ireland and Iceland are looking pretty good to me!  To that end, we have been quite busy pumping out new rides and will be showing our current selection below. 
Well, so much more goings on, and should the opportunity arise that I am able to sit down and share on these pages, perhaps I will.  For now, though, I have to get myself together and head off to the next gig!  Until then, have a GREAT day and keep riding!
See YA!!

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