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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Bringing You All the News That Is Fit To Print!

OKAY!!  Bringing everyone up to speed!
Been a busy week!  So please forgive the long interlude between updates.  Our daily coverage of the goings on has shifted (surprising for me) to our Facebook page "Re-Cycle Bicycles" (Like us for all the updates) as it's just so much less time consuming.  And that is a definite plus given my limited time to devout to the whole thing.  On average, to update all our sites and listings, I was spending about three hours a day and as I only have five hours a day here, Monday thru Thursday that doesn't leave much time for more frivolous building bikes!  Call me provincial, but I think maybe I ought to devout more time to the latter.  And that theology has paid off, as this week we have averaged three newbies a day, and folks have obviously appreciated that, as they have been flying out the door as quick as we can build them! I'll treat you to a few pics below, a couple we have left and some that found new homes.  There were quite a few though that never even got a selfie, because they didn't even make it out of the rack before getting snagged up.  That, in it's self, is an oddity come summertime!  NO, I am NOT complaining!   Usually, we are slower then the warm up match at a snail race, but this year?  WOOF!  It's so awesome to see folks saying "ta heck with the weather" and just getting out and riding! 
Funny Happenings!
On Wednesday we had a couple come in to peruse our stock, looking for a couple of rides.  We didn't have much to look at (see the above statement as to how fast they are leaving) and they asked me where was the next closest "used" bike shop to us.  I SOOO wanted to say "you're not from around here, are you?"  BUT, I minded my snarky remark, and politely informed them that in all of Florida, that we knew of, we were it for a shop that deals exclusively in refurbished bikes. They were, to put it mildly, surprised and a wee but incredulous of my claim.  Well, apparently, the wife took it as a challenge and spent the next few days researching the claims, via Google.  They came back in yesterday and after purchasing the sweet Mixie we had informed me of their findings.  She discovered that there were several shops listed as "used bike shops" but upon calling them, came to discover that only two ACTUALLY sold used bikes, BUT they were only high end trade ins and as it turned out, what few one place even had...were within 20% of retail!  She apparently had even gone so far as to press a few salesman (who were trying to press HER to consider a NEW bike instead...Hmmmmm?  Go Figure!) stating the fact that they had no interest in paying that much and did THEY know anywhere else that just sold used bike.   Well, the interesting common thread she found  I found tremendously interesting AND flattering.  Of all the shops she spoke with, some as far away as Pensacola, one name was repeated (and apparently, in most cases recommended) and that was us!  HAHA!
SO, the one thing we always said, from when we first started this enterprise in our garage "we're not looking to get rich, just popular!" has seem to come to pass!
Of course, we have to give a big shout out to all the folks bringing us in their repairs this week, as that has kept us jumping!  Thank you so much for the trust!
Alrighty!  Now, I best get to it! 
Remember, we are open today until three pm, and will be open tomorrow from 10am-?, if it's slow, we're going to break it down early and go home and barbeque!
ONLY $90.00!!
ONLY $150.00!!

ONLY $75.00!!!


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