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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

"Oh you CAN'T always get...What Ya Want!"

Weird how  can feel guilty for not keeping this thing up to date but as I have been saying for the last couple weeks, not a whole lot going on to report!  I DID however finally update the "What's still here" column, and as you can see... LOTS of stuff added and lots subtracted!  We do have a bevy of goodies in here, and some are excellent pieces! 
So... in the column of "you can't please everyone";
Had a gent come in this weekend for a tube change and brake repair.  Right off the bat I KNEW there was going to be issues... but I pressed on.  Weekends are our busiest repair time and we ALWAYS go in order!  First come first serve.  The aforementioned gent came in around noon time and had four in front of him,  I told him it would be about three hours, and he was flustered.  I explained the policy, he begrudgingly acquiesced...then proceeded to come back every thirty minutes, each time increasingly agitated.  *sigh* I really wanted to say "if I didn't have to stop every thirty minuets to EXPLAIN our policy, I could get it done that much sooner" but I was nice!
Finally, after about two hours, I had them all done, and shortly thereafter he came in and picked it up.  Here I was thinking it would be over.
The next day I got a text of a picture of his bike... with a flat tire and a number with the words, in capital letters "CALL ME!"
I did.  What began was a twenty minute round and round about the fact that he rode the bike home (about two miles) put it up, and in the morning came out, and the tube we had changed was flat.  I reminded him, that when I inspected the tire I found several small shards of metal imbedded in the tire, and had warned him when he picked it up he MAY want to change the tire as I could not be sure I got ALL the metal (small bits can get stuck in the meat of the tire and puncture a new tube when you air it up, and you wouldn't know they are there until the tire goes flat again) but he insisted it was a NEW tire...therefore it COULDN'T be a problem.
After explaining this... again... I also informed him that it was possible in the two mile trip home he may have had the misfortune of picking something else up. It DOES and HAS happened before.  BUT, if he brought the bike back in I could inspect the tube and find out exactly where the problem lay, and react accordingly.
I don't know what he didn't get or in truth, what he wanted me to do?  He kept repeating the problem and that it was just replaced yesterday, to which I continued to respond "just bring it in and we'll fix the problem".  In the end though he exclaimed "so you're not going to take care of the problem?  Fine, I'll deal with it myself!" and hung up.
Sometimes...I just don't get people.
On the plus side though, we have had a steady stream of repairs coming in and have even managed to find homes for a few newbies.  So, we'll keep on plugging...praying for cooler weather!
See ya soon! 

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  1. Steven, you need to add a sign in the shop: "ASK ABOUT OUR 50/50 FLAT REPAIR GUARANTEE!", and when they ask, explain that ALL flat tire repairs are guaranteed for 50 SECONDS or 50 FEET, whichever comes first. Make sure they know that you are no joking. Forty years ago, in Largo, Jim Crist's Auto Fair, a used car lot on East Bay Drive, offered that guarantee on all of their used cars. And yeah, they were serious.