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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Starting to get back into the swing of things!

Why do AC's pick the HOTTEST days to freeze over? Seriously, isn't ice suppose to happen when it's COLD outside!  UGH!  So yea, kind  warm in here, so until it thaws out...I'm just hanging by the fan!  I get enough of working in the heat at night.  NOT a fan of it!  I m going to have to move eventually though, as we got in several repairs yesterday that need ah doin'!  Kaleb has gone to retrieve a few parts for me, then I hope to bang them out!  Aside from that, we did send  couple more rides to new homes AND put out another four newbies (although one of the ones to FIND a new home had just been put together!).  And OH, I'll tell you, the town of Dunedin needs to start paying me a promotional fee! Had a couple from Sweden come in the other day and it turns out (and I have no idea how folks in other countries even her about us!) that they'd ben reading this blog for the last few years as "entertainment" (I can see that!) and when it came time to plan their next vacation...they choose they could visit US!  WOW!  Color me FLATTERED!!  Their first day hear, unpacked at their vacation rental, had a meal downtown then came in and snatched up two of our bikes!  Lickety Split!  They were doubly happy when I told them about our "Vacation Package"! I'm putting that experience right up there with the Taiwanese Governor and the Real Estate Mogul from Belgium (now THAT was an enlightening conversation!  LOL!)   That makes, too date, 43 countries to "represent" in our little corner of the world!  NICE!!  God Bless the Internet!
Today, as mentioned, got some repairs then I am going to TRY and put out some more goodies!  I have been dragging my carcass out of bed on time the last couple days for just that purpose (regardless of how much I just want to SLEEEEEP!!!) as it is getting "walking sideways" tight in here!!  Plus...Daddy like a FULL room!  Nice to see all these rides here.  Would be nicer if some of them (if not ALL) found room in YOUR garage!  (remember, comfortable bedding, lots of fresh water and put an alarm clock in with it so as to not let it get lonely) Allright!  Now, you oogle the pic's and not that the iceberg finally melted, got the AC back up and running, and I'm gonna try and get some work done!
(and a special tip of the hat to the Hamptons.  Looking very lovely this time of year!)

ONLY $65.00!!

ONLY $75.00!!!

ONLY $35.00!!

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  1. Golly Bob Howdy, the shop looks GREAT! As we discussed the other day, NOW'S the time to buy, before that first hint of cool air when EVERYONE'S looking for a ride. That black fixie/single caught my eye. Good thing I don't need a 46th bike!