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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Morning Quickie!

We'll make this quick!  Trying to remain focused on repairs and new builds in a rather hectic schedule of late!  Yesterday was consumed primarily with keeping up with the repairs, as it happens.  Did manage to get out another of the NEW kids bikes out! This one a real cute little girls 20".  Also took in a few goodies as well and have HIGH hopes I can get some of them banged out today!  We'll laid plans of mice and men...and all that!
Yesterday started out well, with a nice couple coming in a wisely snagging up the Ladies Fuji Hybrid!  NICE choice!
Many more looky loo's coming in, but for whatever reason didn't take anything home with them?  Oh well.
Jeeze, I really got nothing more to yack about, and the rides are calling me!
See ya REAL soon...when we can chat!

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