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Saturday, June 18, 2016

There's an airbag at the bottom of this thing...right? An Airbag!?

Ten Minute Rule by proxy! 
Sometimes, the way things go around here can be somewhat confusing!  Case in point; We had two SWEET rides here for two-three weeks respectfully.  The Schwinn Protocol and the Townie Electra.  (that's not to say that ALL our rides aren't SWEET!) Both 2016 models with little to NO wear, and sporting price tags more than HALF off their original retail...but they sat for what, around here, is a LONG time (most rides are gone in 48 hours or less).  Advertised in all our useful internet venues (print is dead folks, sorry to say) and "renewed" on Craigslist every 48 hours, they just sat with little to NO response.  THEN, Thursday, the Protocol left to a loving home, and no sooner was it gone did I get three calls asking if it was still here (I had updated it's post earlier that day, and had not yet deleted it).  Yesterday, the Townie went out with a gent who had been wanting it since he first saw it while doing some after hours window shopping.  That was just before close, and true to form, this morning, first thing, prior to me doing all my morning updates, had two calls about it and one very nice lady stopped in, in an attempt to pick it up...having just seen it on Craigslist!  Always call ahead folks, and safe yourself a possibly, wasted trip! 
Now, as I am not one to shrink from criticism, we had an experience all together alien to us the other day, that brings about a cautionary tale!  That odd happenstance was a "disgruntled customer"!  Yes folks, it may sound a tad bit odd for anyone who works in retail or service to NOT complain about difficult customers on a daily basis, but we RARELY have ANY problems!  This time however, was a series of missteps that lead up to the problem. First, the gent brought in his Hyper Mountain Bike to, ostensibly, "get the gears fixed".   He did so, mid-week in the afternoon, after I had departed for the second job.  I spoke with Logan briefly, as the customer had wanted it done "while he waited" and had to explain the situation to him, which he begrudgingly excepted, but I assured him I'd check it out first thing in the AM and get in touch.  At this point he informed me that as he himself would be at work all day, and could not receive phone call, that I should just go ahead and "do whatever it needs".  I don't care too much for those conditions, frankly, as it has been my experience that what some folks may consider "a quick fix" is anything but!  I told him this, but he assured me it would be no problem.
Ok...famous last words!
When I got in, in the morning, I put the ride in the rack, and sure enough, it was skipping and missing shifts, and was quite sloppy.  But here's the rub, had NOTHING to do with the gears!  His rear axel was bent, the bearings on the drive side were blown, the left were worn down, the freewheel had several bent teeth, the chain had three bent links, the front tube was a blown out gell tube (ick) that needed more than "just air".  Now HOW he thought this was a gearing problem and didn't notice the incessant wobbling in the back end as he rode, is beyond me, but as he said "do whatever it needs" I did that.  Now, mind you, we replaced his freewheel, rear axel, replaced and repacked the bearings, replaced his chain, front tube, seat clamp and adjusted the gears for good measure for only $68.00.  If you have ever gone to a "boutique bike shop" you'll know, you couldn't get the freewheel installed for cheaper then that.  Well....he came in to pick up the bike the following day, and was "flabbergasted" that it cost "That MUCH!" to repair, what he was convinced, was a simple gear problem.  He had anticipated between $5-$10, would take care of the problem.  Here's the lesson; if you recognize that your ride isn't riding right, get it to a mechanic ASAP!  Little problems become BIG problems very quickly.  The longer you wait, the more wear and tear, metal fatigue ETC, that are going to end up costing you more.  He eventually, reluctantly, excepted the explanation (it helped that I kept all the old parts just to show him where all the breakage was) and departed.  Unfortunately, we, and others of our ilk, have the unenvied task of having to be the bearers of bad news, BUT, don't kill the messenger (This ISN'T....SPARTA!!!!) we didn't break it, we're just trying to fix it!
Okey Dokey...talking about "fixing" I best get at it!
And, oh YEA!  Duh'!  We put out another goody yesterday, nice, simple men's cruiser!  Check her out below! 

ONLY $65.00!!!

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