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Friday, September 19, 2014

"I Hab ah Code ib My Node!"

Nothing quite like cuddling up on a rainy day and droning out to a marathon of Looney Tunes!  OK, so...maybe not cuddling up, but I did have a marathon of cartoons while I worked yesterday!  \
Surprisingly, we were even more busy then the day before!  HOO-RAY for the new season!!  Sent both of the Haro BMX'ERS to new homes, first thing, then were kept busy with repairs!  SWEET!!! 
Thanks to ALL for the trust not to mention all the refferrals! 
Did manage to get one newbie out, and this one is a classic!  Now don't let the name fool you, "Schwinn".  No, this aint your cheapie cheap WalMart POS!  No, this classic, lightweight mountain bike was made back in the late 80's early 90's when they were building them GOOD!  This particular one was made to compete with the Specialized "Rock Hoppers" and such of the same era.  Pretty much the same components all the way around! 
Today, more of the same, finish up repairs, then, depending on whether or not any new ones come in, on to new builds! 
Last night, upon returning home, having dinner (Elijah's chop suey) then ushering everyone off to bed, we settled down to watch the new Jonny Depp film "Transcendence".  Unfortunately, having come down with "something" myself, I didn't make it past the previews before my head started to split and I needed to go to bed and rest.  Well, Angela said it was good, so I'll need to check it out!
Of course, woke up again around one am, to which Angela helped me back to sleep, but of course a few hours later I was up again with the're running a tad bit on empty!
Tell ya what, help me out and come in and give e something to do to energize me!  HINT, HINT!!!
Have a great day folks!  Hope to see you soon!!!

image 1
ONLY $150.00!!!

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