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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Jack the Ripper Mystery....SOLVED!!

Angi brought a very intriguing article to my attention the other day, which I then read aloud and we were both aghast at the recent revelation that the 126 year mystery of who Jack the Ripper was has been irrefutably SOLVED!!! The infamous killer is Aaron Kosminski, a Jewish √©migr√© from Poland, who worked as a barber.  Apparently, an amateur sleuth, having watched the awesome film, starring Jonny Depp "From Hell" began some investigation on his own.  Then in 2007, an auction of crime memorabilia featuring a shawl found at the crime scene of one of Jacks victims.  The story goes that it came from the murder scene of the Ripper's fourth victim, Catherine Eddowes, on September 30, 1888.   The shawl itself was drench in blood and curious, if anything could be derived from it, Russell Edwards purchased the shawl, and found a DNA expert to analyze it.  After some time, he discovered that not only was their blood but "other" male DNA as well.  After some more effort, and tracking down descendants of each of the original suspects, they discovered with no shadow of a doubt, that Aaron was the Ripper! 
HOORAY for modern science!
Even with the inconvenience of rain yesterday, we still kept quite busy with repairs (thanks EVER so much for that folks!)  And sent one ride to a new home as well!  Today, after finishing up some tear downs (yes, that time again, starting to get hard to walk in here again!)  I will hopefully be able to get some more goodies together! 
SOOOO, best to be gettin' at it!
Hope to see y'all Soon!

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