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Friday, September 26, 2014

Last Minute!

So, yesterday, for the majority had the makings of another yawn fest.  Of the starting line we got busy for about an hour, then it quieted down.  A few Looky Loo's came in, but for the majority of the time I was cleaning and organizing (BOR-ING!).  After that was done, dug out a back yard find we got in a couple of weeks ago, an older Gary Fisher. Having picked up a scrap bike earlier in the day, it had the parts I needed to get it up and running.  Mid afternoon, a gent came in for a tire and tube replacement for his brother, and noticed the sweet MGX Mountain Bike we had out.  Looking to get into off roading with his brother and friends, he really like that pick.  Once he had completely sold himself on it he decided (...wait for it) to "go and think about it!"  Yes folks, you guessed it! The "Ten Minute Clock" was started!   OK, in all honesty, it was a wee bit more then ten minuets actually, more like four hours.  BUT, even though I  gave our standard gentle warning "well, if it's not here when you come back, I'm sure we can find you something else you like".  Of course, as in SO many cases this friendly warning was not heeded, and around 6.30 a couple came in looking to get on the road as they recently moved to Dunedin and "All the COOL KIDS ride bikes in Dunedin!"  Yep, you guessed it, he bought the MGX and her the sweet red Pacific ladies bike.  As the evening was winding down, brought in the outside goodies, told the kids to get packed up to go, leashed up Suzanne, and with lights off made our way out.  At this point, who should drive up in a haste with a "you're not closing are you?" sputtered out his open window.  I said "No problem, how can I help you".  Gleefully he responded "I came back for that bike", to which I had to offer him an apology and inform him it was gone.  It never ceases to amaze me the stunned, perplexed look folks get when this happens. 
It turned out for the best though, as he came in, obviously not believing me as he went right to where the MGX had been standing and stared in disbelief looking for it.  Resolute in the knowledge it in fact was not here, he inquired as to whether or not we had anything comparable.  I pointed his attention to the Gary Fisher I had just finished and he was even more satisfied with that ride.  So "all's well in the end!"
Last night was a very pleasant evening spent with the kiddo's, then early to bed.  Well for the most part.  Miranda had a late nap, so was not to interested in going to bed right away, so Angela took her outside and wandered around with her burning off some steam.  Thankfully after a short time she tuckered out and was able to drift off to sleep.  Then I  was able to spend time pampering Angela.  Always a pleasure. 
Today, hope to get out all these little kids bike out that I have been tripping over, and then....well, lets hope someone comes in and sells me some bikes!
So for now, Toodle-oo!

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