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Tuesday, September 2, 2014


So, like, another one of those times of year when our Tuesday becomes a Monday, and folks get confused and by Thursday we think it's Sunday, or vice versa!  Ugh!  Well, as much as I had planned to get something built, each time I put the first one BACK in the rack, another kind soul would come in needing a repair.  I can NOT begrudge them, as riding season is upon us!  Yesterday was BEE-OOOO-TI-FULL!!   Not TOO hot with a steady constant breeze coming off the water!  I saw more bikes go by the window AND come in here then I think I have all summer!  WONDERFUL!!  Most folks waited excitedly for me too finish, eager to hit the trail!  That's what I love to see!  By the tie the afternoon rolled around, feeling eager myself to get home and relax, we closed at four pm, if for nothing else to try and give Angi a break as Miranda is REALLY coming into her own, and is (well...has been for a while) precocious.  Feeling every moment of her life MUST be spent in Mommy's rapt attention!  Angi has hardly time to breathe.  Of course, if Mommy DARES to do something like eat, or have her cup of coffee or God forbid, go to the bathroom, Miranda feels compelled to drop, break or destroy something to garnish her attention!  Oh, Angi can handle it, she's been through the same thing eight times before, but eventually, each day, she needs a wee bit to just sit a spell for herself.
After the evening chores, I went and hit the gym for a bit, but honestly, having had time to just relax at the house, my heart wasn't in it, so I did my basic work out and only about 10 min's each on treadmill and stationary. 
Then it was home, and to relax again.  Angi was quite exhausted by the time I arrived so I helped her to bed and to relax enough to shed the day and drift off to sleep.  Surprisingly early, and suddenly realizing that I was tired as well, I apparently passed out myself! 
All in all a really good day!
SO, in hopes of calm and peace for today, I bid you all a fond farewell and will see you soon. 

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  1. Steven-

    A very wise man (you) once said that all children were born feral. That thought has stuck with me and does often help explain much of what we see on the evening news.

    Miranda will be domesticated over time.

    See you real soon.