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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cool Man!

GOLLY BOB HOWDY!!!  Riding weather is SOOO here! 
Woke up this morning around 5.30, went outside to have our coffee and WOOSH!  Cooler temps, nice gentle breeze coming in off the water, Oh the urge to jump on Old Greedo hit me in a rush!  Well, I said urge, I had not had my allotment of coffee yet....sooooo....
At least I had a good ride into work this morning.  But don't let my hesitation dissuade you from hitting the road folks!  Take advantage of the net couple days.  If this year is like every  other year, we'll have cool temps for a few days, then the last gasp of summer weather swoops back in for a couple weeks, then it get increasingly colder.
I am SO looking forward to THAT!!!
Yesterday, even with somewhat inclement weather, was  HUMDINGER!!!!  SO MANY THANKS to all the great folks for coming in to pay us a visit!  Sent the Men's 26" MTB home with a nice gent just looking to get back on the road.  A friend had given him a MTB of "questionable" condition, and even though he was willing to put quite a bit of cash into it to get it riding right again, my conscience got the better of me!  LOL!  I HAD to convince him the old Roadmaster was JUST not worth the investment.  And considering the one we had was of equal quality, BUT already FULLY refurbed and only would cost him HALF of what he was going to have to put into his ride, he wisely excepted the alternative!  Good choice!  Also sent the Luna comfort cruiser with another gent who was on his second time here.  Unfortunately the ride he bought from us a few months back was stolen.  But this was definitely an upgrade anyway! 
Of course, a special "SHOUT OUT" to Uncle Chippie!  He brought in one of his riding groups, and a new member was smitten with the Jango we have had here for SOME time, unfinished, and plopped down a down payment to get her road worthy!  I think she will be thrilled with this ride when it is done! 
As always, a very heart felt thank you to all the folks for their repairs and referrals!  ALWAYS a blessing!
Yep, as I am sure you guessed, with all those repairs came no time for new builds!  OH, I got one started, but had to keep taking it down off the rack to keep folks rolling!  Oh well!  All for a good cause!  So today, with luck, I'll get it and a few more done!
Here's hoping!
All right, I best get rolling myself!  See y'all soon!

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  1. Steven-

    To tell you the truth, I want to see that Jango on the road myself! Fascinating bike.

    And I now have all of the parts for the dual-drive Fulton. I just need to figure out the little stuff- like how to keep both chains on and running smooth.. you know, the details...