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Monday, September 1, 2014

Laboring Day

As wit every year, we are here today!  Not to beat a dead horse, but aside from Sundays the only days we close are Thanksgiving, Christmas and early on Halloween.  The Good News/Bad News is that EVERY labor day it's the same thing, we open our doors on Monday with barely ANYTHING to show folks!  Why?  you may ask? Because that weekend is usually HUGE!!  It's the GLORIOUS start to the season, as summer comes to a close it denotes, for most folks, RIDING SEASON IS HERE!!!  And I will tell could NOT have come at a better time!!  This summer has been a tough one!  Actually, I think it has been the worst in eight years!  We have to tank all the folks who did come in and help us keep the doors open, and we are SO looking forward to another good season! 
As I said, sold OUT over the weekend, with only one lone adult bike sitting pathetically in the corner!  HOWEVER!  Have no fear!  We have been getting a steady stream of newbies in over the past week and that really is the impetus for me being here today!  I'd show you pics of the three we DID put together on Saturday...but that would just tease you, as they all sold the same day!  So, after finishing up the last two repairs from Saturday I will be trying to hustle out as much as I can get away with before close!  Then again, if it's TOO slow, I may just call it a day in observance of the holiday and go home and hang with Angi and the kiddo's! 
So until then, see ya soon!

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