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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Drowned Rats!

SO, like with so much in life, timing is everything. 
Everyone up and ready on time this morning, but had heard the thunder, and saw the clouds rolling in.  Unfortunately, instead of leaving early, thought to wait it out. Ended up waiting for some time!  Luckily, we got a short respite around 8.30 and were able to get kiddo's to school before in came down hard again...and still is.  SOOOO, looks like I'll have plenty of time to get some projects done!  WA-HOO!!
Yesterday, was a Tuesday.  Spent the majority of time trying to catch up on repairs, with only a couple more to finish up today.  Sadly, had to wait until late afternoon to get in a shipments of tubes!  Have had to wait over a week for them, so some VERY simple repairs were just stacking up!
Once done, I have two SWEET Old school BMX'ers waiting for some attention!  I mean these two are CHERRY!!
On the home front.  Nothing out of the ordinary, thankfully, was a relatively quiet day! 
OK, as boring as all that is, don't have much to add, so I am just going to get back at it!
See ya all soon!!

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