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Monday, September 15, 2014

Chastise Me If You Will!

Yes, I know!  I follow this thing too!  It has been several days since my last post, but as the new season approaches, we get busy!  Thank heavens!!  Wish I had new pics to show you of all the rides we have been putting out but as they have already sold, some right of the rack, why bother!  Don't want to get your hopes up! 
other then that, things have been going along at a pretty steady pace.  Saturday, we finally got around to sorting through all the excess rides we had in the back (the concerned text fro the landlord identifying the state of things back their DID have an impact on our decision of what to do for the day) and we got rid of a BUNCH of stuff to Terry the scrap guy!  It left us with about a half a dozen viable candidates for rebuilds, which we will begin on in a wee bit!  Saturday also brought a slew of repairs in, as well as a couple FULL rebuilds, so I will be busy with them for a while as well! 
Everything home wise is the norm.  Spent Sunday trying to entertain children, but with the rain and no games remaining in tact with all pieces (I can only assume, THOSE pieces may be responsible for plumbing problems!) tried our hands at cards...that didn't go over well, as the little ones don't quite understand the rules!  LOL!
ANYWHO!  I best get my bottom half in gear as I do have quite a bit to keep me busy, nd y mid focused on other things!
See ya soon!!


  1. Steven-

    First off, ten thousand thank you's for the set of alloy cotterless crank arms for my vintage Raleigh Twenty. They are perfect! (And for those of you that know that there are no such things, well, yes, there are if you are very, very determined.

    Secondly: If you still have that wonky semi-recumbent that was out back the other day in the bone yard, with the chain that won't tension on one side, I fear, I would be honored to fix it down here and bring it back there. And get you a glass of water.



  2. As ALWAYS sir! You are MORE then welcome to pick through the bone yard for any projects you may wish to undertake! Those are the "WOW! These need a LOT of work, better put 'em back here and forget about 'em" bikes!