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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Thirteen years!!!

And here we find ourselves on another Tuesday! 
Well, one shinning event marks it as a special occasion!  Today is our son Logan's thirteenth birthday!  As the resounding humor pointed out this morning, today marks in many cultures the male 'coming of age"!  So of course I inquired if he had a job yet and when would he be getting married and giving us grandbabies!  Of course, he could do nothing but laugh nervously, blush and hide his face!  SO cute!  As is always been the tradition in our house though, Birthdays are fully celebrated on the following Sunday, with a round of cupcakes after dinner on the day of.  Gotta' remember to get them tonight!  It's odd though, was kind of different when Elijah and Kaleb hit this milestone.  Perhaps it was, because by then the two of them had already put us through enough more "adult" problems, I didn't look at them as much as a little boy as I still do Logan.  He is still such an innocent and rarely gives us ANY problems (except for his propensity to NOT allow you to finis a sentence when speaking to him!) that I still see him as the same little boy.
Yesterday was a REAL yawn fest!  Unfortunately!  The rain, as always, keeping most folks at bay only helped to inhibit my own recovery over the creeping crud that first hit Angela (who is STILL not fully over it!) and is now firmly clinging to my lungs!  UGH!  Makes for moving around the shop a little bit of a chore. Managed to get through all the scrap bikes yesterday, down for parts and then put out three newbies (OK, special shout out to Uncle Chippies who was fully responsible for the full refurb of the Sun Cycle recumbent) But by about 3 pm, my body said "NO MORE" and I promptly plopped into the desk chair, popped in a movie and tried desperately NOT to sleep! 
Eventually, I gave up the ghost, Kaleb took over and I headed back to the house with the kiddos for  shower and rest.  Well...I got the shower, but resting in that house when all the kids are there and moving about...HEE HEE HEE!!  NOT a probability!
So, today I am going to try and fight through it and get some more stuff put together.  I do have a few repairs as well to get out of the way, and I hope I can keep plugging! 
SO...WITH THAT!  I bid you all a fond good day, and hope to see you soon!

image 1
ONLY $45.00!!!
image 1
MEN'S 26" MTB!
ONLY $85.00!!!
image 1
ONLY $185.00!!!

1 comment:

  1. You read my mind, Steven.

    After looking on line at EZ-1s going for anywhere from $300 to $450, I thought, you know, $185 would be a good price for this one. And it is!

    Not my cup of tea, but someone is going to be screaming for it. (Recumbents, like Uncle Chippie, have a cult following.) This one rides nice, very smooth, good range, snappy beat, easy to dance to...

    And the recumbent's nice, too.