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Thursday, September 18, 2014

I'm Not Unwell, Thank You!

OK, so even though yesterday was horrific weather wise, we managed to keep pretty, gosh darn busy!  Thanks to Uncle Chip for coming in and grabbing the recumbent we had out back, to take to "Uncle Chips Garage" as a project bike.  Of course, he wouldn't take a dime for the effort!  While he was here, he helped send the Centurion road bike to it's New home, and we sent two more out with happy folks as well!  And as ALWAYS, thanks to all the people for bringing in their repairs, I have my morning mapped out for me! 
Last night was a WEIRD one!  Elijah and his girlfriend came for a visit yesterday afternoon.  He was supposed to come today, but in his usual oblivious way, he changed plans, didn't bother to tell us until 15 minuets before they arrived, and then "told" Angela, they would be staying until Sunday!  Yes.  Typical Elijah. He figures, if he waits until he gets there to tell us his plans, we re too ice to say "no". Reluctantly, Angela has begrudgingly accepted this practice, although I have not grasped her level of civility I this case, and voice my opinion to hi as such.  Of course, as always, my displeasure voiced in regards to the inconvenience, fell on deaf ears with a resounding "thud" and responded too with the traditional bored and sullen "yes sir".
It's not that we don't want to SEE the boy, it's that the presence of ANYONE in the household that goes against our orderly, precise nightly routine, sets the ENTIRE house in chaos!  Such was the case last night.  Having Elijah back, his younger sister, Izabella who is infatuated with him, came out of her room around 1 am, wide awake and wondering where everyone was!  She had a bad dream, so I laid with her on the couch, and was routinely kicked for about two hours until I just passed out myself.  Shortly thereafter, she woke up again, went into the boys room, and proceeded to wake them ALL (including the dog) because she wanted to play!  OY!  The end result, was Kaleb left for school an hour and a half late, the younger boys were BEARS to get up for school, and I woke up an hour and a half late, and Angela was exhausted when the morning noise forced her out of bed!  Of course, Elijah and Jesi slept right along, peacefully! So nice for them!
This morning has already been a whiz-bang of a busy time!  The two classic Haro BMX'ers we got in were gone first thing!  One of them before I had even had a chance to work on it!   So here's hoping for another awesome day!
OK, with that, I have the repairs, then hopefully get a few built!  Oh, which reminds me, I did get two more done yesterday!  They're down below!

image 1
image 1
ONLY $70.00!!

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  1. Man, you shoulda been a reality show. No doubt about it.

    I'm starting to disassemble that Sun EZ-1 Super Cruzer. Interesting ride. I can fabricate the missing parts, and I went online to see what was supposed to support the chain mid-frame. Piece o' cake. The seat cover is in the dryer as I type. No worries there. I hope to have it back to you sometime next week, but don't hold me to that, as it's not all that far apart yet.

    And if anyone out there is looking for a good deal on a comfy long bike, NOW is the time to go talk to Steven about this one.