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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Would You Like To Be My Friend?

Yesterday induction of Elijah to the ranks of the gainfully employed went relatively well.  Even though he is my son, it will take a little while for me to determine his strengths as far a the demands of this job goes.  Then I'll know where and what we need to work on.  Speed and fluency is definitely right up there!  It's helpful to have someone else taking over some of the required computer time, which I do know he has an affinity for.  As a matter of fact, one of the things he did yesterday was set up a Facebook account for the shop.  Angela tried this a few years back, but unfortunately, as events in life precluded her from being here every day, it quickly became unmanageable.  BUT, once Elijah had set it up, Angi went on line pimping out the site, and got many of her online friends to visit and like.  Yes she has that much sway over the masses!  A very endearing persuasion is she!  Elijah has full sway and carte blanch for the input, (although I do have to do a little proof reading as he doesn't seem to understand punctuation!  He's worse then ME if you can imagine!) So what we would love YOU to do is visit us on Facebook under Re-cycle Bicycles Dunedin FL (ignore the old Clearwater one) we are at 30 likes since last night.  Would be fun to be over 100 before the close of business today!  The gauntlet has been tossed!
SO!  Yesterday was another one filled with repairs and special orders.   Also, worth mentioning is the flood of newbies we got in as well!  And to top it off many of them donations!  We LOVE freebies!  Of course, they always need work but that's what we are here for!  Funny, how some folks can walk in the shop, past the big sign that says "FULL SERVICE! LOWEST REPAIR PRICES IN TOWN! see me in the bay, with a bike in my rack and a tool in my hand, surrounded by bicycles in various stages of disrepair and ask "do you do repairs?"
At times like that Angi's response reverberates in my head "No.  We're a veterinarian clinic."
"Here's your sign!"
We did manage to put two new ones out for sale, and one is another HYBRID!!!  YAY!  Can never have enough of those!  Today, we have a plethora of work to do, so without anymore preamble, we're gonna get to it!
We'll see ya soon!

ONLY $600.00!!
ONLY $165.00!!

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