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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sherman? Have You Been Messing With The Way-Back Machine?

Well, as predicted, Elijah was not too happy with the reception he got. 
Oh, the greetings were pleasant enough and heartfelt.  His siblings were happy to see him, and the prerequisite questions and updates were asked and answers were given.  In an attempt to soften the blow. he came bearing gifts.  I'll give him credit, he slyly went right at my weaknesses...


(An impressively LARGE book given it was based on a series with only 14 episodes and only one movie!)  I was thankful for the sentiment but it didn't help (too much) with the inevitable.
 We all sat down as a family and had the evenings dinner.  All the normalcy was there.  Yes, even the appropriate evenings chaos.  Once all wee ones were washed, put into bed and the older boys given their additional hour before bed, we bid Elijah to sit down at the table.
The attempt at hiding the sigh of resignation was a evident.
What followed was a breakdown of his new responsibilities, expectations and freedoms accorded to a boarder.  Yes, we gave our honest and sometimes brash opinions of his current situation.  After a couple of hours ( think I'm long winded here?!) everything had been laid out for him.  Rent will be paid.  Needless to say, for the foreseeable future, you will all get a chance to meet him as he will (until he finds his OWN course in life) be here everyday, learning the biz.   For REAL this time! 
I have to heap a huge amount of praise on Angela though.  As she is not one to shield or suppress her feelings of disappointment form anyone, she did a valiant job of maintaining her composure (even to the point of not shushing me when I had rambled on to long) throughout the entire, arduous ordeal.  Even after twenty odd years she can still surprise me! 

Yesterday was light on the cloves but heavy on the cinnamon!  Had all the repairs from Saturday PLUS an equally large amount come in!  Check this out!


YEP!  That's less then two days volume of repairs folks!( allllllll the way to the back!)   But believe it or not, they will be DONE today!  The only delay in finishing them yesterday was I needed the Bullet Run, but Kaleb didn't get back until almost six pm!
So you can see why I have nothing new to show you!  Sorry!
God willing, that will change today!
So with that (and in preparation for a MST3K Marathon) I am off!

Special note.  Our prayers go out to Tim,  He's going through some very trying times with his teenage daughter very reminiscent of what Angi and I had to contend with, with our daughter. I do not envy the road that lay before him.  We truly hope everything turns out in his favor. 

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