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Monday, April 21, 2014

Glucose Aftermath!!!

Happy Post Easter!  I hope everyone endured a pleasant Easter Sunday.  We enjoyed our day with, believe it or not, minimal fighting!  WOW!!  Even fueled by a steady stream of Mommy supplied sugar, everyone was pretty well behaved.  Oh, of course we had a few present related mishaps.  Miranda seemed to think the bottle of "bubbles" the younger kids got were all cocktails, and that coupled with the fruit juice and candy resulted in an ugly red mess offered back up from her stomach!  Thank heavens Angi's lap and then my legs were there to stop some of it from hitting the floor.
We did do one thing differently this year and as it turns out it was a very wise choice in a sort of "No duh!" way.  We ate Easter dinner before the kids got any candy, subsequently they actually ate their Easter Dinner! Then the evening petered out with a hullabaloo of play and getting ready for bed. 
This year was perfect...for me!  Mommy went out on Friday and did ALL the shopping for Easter!  YAY!  As I have gotten to the point in life where all my shopping is done on line!  My beautiful wife stepped in front of a bullet for me and hit the last minute rush for all the below goodies and then some!  Quite frankly, short of having to deal with cranky shoppers I know she preferred not having me there leaning on the cart, head in hand sighing out an incessant stream of "do they really NEED all this stuff!?!?!" 

Saturday was brisk, but even more, it was productive.  Had both Elijah and Kaleb on board, and even though they need a constant reminder that they are here to work we managed to get out four new rides!  We are trying like the dickens to get through not only "Bone Row" but the new addition of the
"Bone Yard" in reference to the bikes chained up out back!!  Yes, there has been a steady flow of newbies coming in and we are trying to get them processed out. 
Speaking of newbies!  The two gorgeous Raleigh road bikes we put out were gone lickety split on Saturday as well as a couple other rides...that I am having a tough time remembering which though!  We also got a SWEET Dimondback MTB in on trade, but that one went first thing this morning! 
SOOOOOO, we are hitting it again today FULL stream! 
Well....after Elijah builds up one of my old bikes for him to ride.  My "Black Beauty" a "Big Boy" framed Jamis ( 74cm!!!!) is currently being switched from a 5 speed to a single (4 to 1 Chip!  Sorry, he insisted!) Of course, he keeps wanting to dig through our many boxes of goodies to trick it out, but I keep having to give him a verbal hand slap.  But he NEEDS a ride.  Since he has gotten back, his mother has been VERY generous to allow him to use one of her bikes (a pristine 71' Ross three speed) but it is so VERY, VERY a ladies bike!  Pale blue, front basket with flowers on the seat! 
Yea, he really needs a guy bike!
So, with that, I'd best get a move on! 
Heavy chores to do!

ONLY $80.00!!

ONLY $35.00!
ONY $50.00!!


  1. FOUR TO ONE???

    Holy downhill, Batman!

    That's a 104 inch gear with 26" wheels, 108 with 27's. Uphill's gonna be a great language builder! (And I know where you live!)

    But yeah, the man (he ain't no boy, Roy) needs a man's bike.

    Can't wait to see it!

  2. Oh, by the way, for the rest of you out there, a 4 to 1 gear ratio is pretty much top gear on your old Schwinn ten speed: a 52 x 14 gear combination. Now imagine riding your bike all over town like that, up hill and down, in tenth gear, no matter what.


  3. Well, two things, one: Florida has, like, three hills in the whole state I think! And two: the boy has legs like oak trees! Just more hairy!

  4. Yeah, it was Oscar Wilde that pointed out that youth was wasted on the young. Of course, now I'm intrigued. I do have a Schwinn with a 104-inch top gear. (They were famous in the 70's for their crazy wide gear range.) I may have to take it for a spin tomorrow, just to see...