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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Coming To A Crossroads!

I awoke surprisingly chipper this morning!  Equally shocking as for the first time in eons I actually got out of bed on the first ring of my alarm!  My usual pattern is to roll over and cuddle with Angi through four or five "snoozes" until she gets fed up with my really annoying alarm (it's the combined sounds of three alarms, a fire drill, a boat horn and a rooster crowing) and tells me to get out of bed.  I think my happy mood has to do with a most wonderful dream I had last night.  Amongst other things, I was a special guest at a Monkee's concert where Davy Jones sung a song to me (don't read to much into it, it wasn't a love song!) and while at the concert back stage young Miss Miranda only wanted to be with her Daddy.  All my girls, at her age, became aware of me and thus became "Daddy's Girls".  Miranda is the hold out, being firmly in the corner of "Mommy's Girl".  All the more pity for me.  I can hold out and wait for her!  She's worth it! 
Angi of course put on her "suspicious" eye's, wondering what had gotten me so "happy" and was somewhat grumbly that I'd woken her up so early.  The children were equally perplexed as I awoke them in the same urgent fashion as every other day, but they didn't realize until fully dressed with backpacks on and poised to leave, that it was only 7.30!!  I had a good chuckle when their look of shock turned to dismay when they realized they could have slept another twenty minuets!
Getting here early allowed me the time to reorganize our desk and file away the stacks of loose paperwork scattered about.  Just one of many little details I absentmindedly let slide in the interest of getting out more rides!  Speaking of which, we managed to put out three more yesterday!  So we have really started to put a dent in "Bone Row"!  Equally pleasurable is all the repairs we have been getting in, have been finished AND picked up the same day!  So thank you to all for being so prompt!  We are trying like the dickens to clean out that area, making room for videos!  No, not the whole area, as we still need space to stage the repairs, but at least enough to put up a rack and walk in to see them! 
So last night I came to a tentative decision (always up for modification as the whim persuades me).  Angi and I have been talking lately about travel and exploration.  There are many things she wishes to see, countries to visit and I want to be able to give her that.  BUT, responsibilities of work and family preclude any extended vacations, at least for me.  Which I have no problem with.  I really have no desire to go anywhere overseas.  And as she has friends and family in other countries?  At least I can feel safe that she wouldn't be going about it alone. On my end, there are places in this country that I really want to see, and share with our kids.  The Grand Canyon, all of old Route 66, the Worlds Largest Ball of Twine (yes, it really does exist!).  To that end, I may end up negating our biggest life decision (to some extent) and get my licence back!  About ten years ago, when we decided to stop driving, when mine expired, I never renewed it.  Felt it was unnecessary, and just got a Florida ID.   So, the plan is within the next two years, get my driving rights back and purchase a VW Microbus and a small trailer.  Pipe Dream?  Maybe.  We will just have to see!
On to work!
As mentioned, put a dent in the over flow.  Most of the stuff out back has either been built or stripped down, and we are pressing on!  Have a couple last minuet repairs from last night to bang out then it's back to new builds.  We do look forward to seeing you all today, and I am back at it!

ONY $55.00!!!
ONLY $75.00!!
ONLY $145.00!!!!

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  1. AAUUUGGH! The suspense!

    So read the month and date stamped in the Raleigh's rear hub and tell us what year it is, already!

    (And yes, I know, it's 2014. I meant THE BIKE.)