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Monday, April 7, 2014

Just To Stupid NOT to Share!

And you think YOUR kids are a pain?!
A real quick, "middle of the day, just so I can share it and get it behind me" kind of story.
I asked to have Kaleb come up to the shop so he could do a "Bullet Run" for some much needed parts for the slew of repairs we have in.  Angi was nice enough to let him off house duty to come up.  He arrives with the tell tale "CLUMP" against the front window where he sets his bike.   I look up from my bay to see him standing straight, pointing at himself saying "Who ME?" Looking towards the edge of the parking lot, where I can't see.  He walks over disappearing from the window and I wait a minute.  When he doesn't return, curiosity gets the best of me.  Of course, to no surprise, I see him standing at attention, answering a police officers questions.
Apparently, the cross walk South of hear, that passes from the East side of the road to the West, is only operational during school hours.  He used it. 
The officer saw this, and followed him here to pull him over, in front of the shop, and question front of the shop! 
After the officer ran his ID and saw he had no warrants, he let him off with a warning.
As the officer was stepping into his cruiser I saw him look at the front of the plaza...
then look up....
and ask someone "are you supposed to be up there?
Seems someone left a ladder out back that Owen got too!!!
They say talking about your problems helps.
A 2 by 4! Yea!  A 2 by 4 THAT would make me feel better!

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