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Monday, April 28, 2014

Sign's of Summer!

Ah yes.  We know the onset of summer is upon us as the usual blissful tell tale sign's occur.  Such as the AC unit at the house failing!  YAY!  Yesterday being the hottest so far, the AC was gone.  Luckily, we saw this coming last week and the landlord sent out a company to check the old system that we have been having trouble with since we first moved in.  Thankfully, our new landlord was completely prepared for this and tomorrow they are replacing the entire system!!  Duct work and all!! OK, did I mention before we LOVE our new landlords!!  Hopefully this summers electric bills won't exceed $600.00 a month!!  I gotta give Angi credit though!  No complaints of the heat, no discomfort or anything!  She even declined my offer of putting us all up in a hotel until it's fixed.  Although I think she weighed the unpleasantness of the heat against that of being cooped up in one room with all the kids for two days! 
Thanks to all the folks for swinging by on Saturday!  WOW!  What a hoot!  Sent four home with new families, and a new record, all FOUR of them were the result of the infamous "I'm going to think about it's"  Yes.  When folks come in, really like the bike they test drive but want to "think about it" then ten minuets after they leave someone comes in and buys it, then they come back to find out it's no longer here.  True, this time around only two actually came back, but it was a series of odd coincidences anyway!!
As always we LOVE the referrals!  Keep 'em coming!  Thanks to Steve who not only brought his GORGEOUS Cannondale in to have the second tire replaced, but also brought in a referral directly to us, having a friend bring in her equally sweet looking Cannondale in for full service!  Keep the good word flowing folks!
I have to give the boys kudos for their hard work this weekend!  Saturday, I had a laundry list of things to get done, as we put in the video rack and had to clean up the area it's sitting in, as well as the regular repairs and customer service, as well as starting to do our EBAY listings.  Yep, trying to expand our reach in several directions at once!  The boys really manned up!  Kaleb handled the repairs, Elijah cut the material for the shelves and handled most of the EBay postings.  We also put out three new rides!  Speaking of which, a very special shout out to one of our regulars for donating two of her old bikes.  She has allowed us to service not only her bikes, but her friends and families as well.  Having recently purchased two NEW bikes (no, I don't hold it against her) she gave us her old ones! 
Check out the new rides below!
Now, we need to get back at it!!

ONLY $145.00!!
ONLY $ 135.00
ONLY $175.00




    Please tell me you were joking/exaggerating when you mentioned a $600 power bill. Lie if you have to. That amount of money would pay our home's power bill for a year and a half. And no, I am not joking. Even figuring in the difference in home population (your 9 versus our 2), that's an amazing number. At that rate, your home uses something like 140 kwh per day. Ours uses less than 7.

    But hey, you were joking, right?


  2. OK, if it makes you feel a little more at ease, I did round up. July of last year was $589.80 and August was $527.74...for electric use. Then add taxes and fee's..... over $600.00....

  3. Our last monthly power bill was under $33, including tax, tag and title. Before you ask, yes, as a matter of fact, I DID write a whole book about it. It's called, "Wearing Smaller Shoes".

    But Steven, you're to the more important book, "Peak of the Devil". That book explains why you don't have to live like us, but also why you will.

    As for us, we are still, constantly looking for new ways to save electrons and water. (I think the water bill runs $22 a month.)

  4. 'twer I to have such a low bill? I would be ecstatically dancing the Happy Pants Dance!