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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Transitional Monkey Wrenches

Do you have any routines?
You know, those quirky little peccadillo's that comprise certain preset moments in your life that for some reason or other have just become.... well, routine?
If it was Angela you were talking to, she would probably say my entire day was comprised of routines. 
Men and women differ in many ways, one in particular that fits my story is bed time.  Women seem to need to "get ready" for bed, while men just get in bed.  Such is why every night as we lay down for slumber I am inevitably the first one in.  Since moving into our new home a couple years back, given the location of the bed in relation to the bathroom, as Angela goes to her side she passes the foot of the bed.  Before we got into the habit of leaving the light on for her, ostensibly so she can see her way back to the bathroom should she have need of it during the night (although, superstitions and left over childhood habits may be more at play as the closet doors must ALWAYS be shut prior to sleepy time (no, not poking fun, I still have to sleep with a Teddy Bear and a stuffed pig named "Albert Einswine"! You should see the pre-bedtime chaos that ensues on the days that Izabella has found her way into our bedroom, and abducted Albert as she "Really loves that pig!  Anyone helping to find him from her hiding spot at night does not fail to point out just how sad it is that I can't go to bed without my pig) Angela would, while passing the foot of the bed, gather her bearing by finding my feet one at a time and I would call out "Foot....foot....corner".  Now, even as the light eluminates her way, she still does "foot, foot, corner".  On the nights where she may not be particularly fond of me due to a diplomatic error I may of inflicted, and refuses to do it, I find it very difficult to sleep. 
So, knowing that story, you'll understand some of the difficulty I am having adjusting to having an employee in the shop! 
For the last few years of operations, due to Angi's back to back pregnancies with Izzy and Miranda, our original plan of having us both working together pretty much went by the wayside.  In response, I had to grow accustomed to doing just about everything around here on my own.  The only way to do that was compartmentalize and establish routines.  Whether or not you can consider it functional is up for debate.  I realize that there are some things I could be doing to help better the business, but at risk of overlooking daily function.  So, sacrifices are made.
Then fate enters.  Elijah leaves his previous emploment and we see an opportunity to teach him the family business.  It has been our intention to hand the business to which ever child(ren) show an interest and aptitude for it.  However it is up to a person who is wholly unfit to teach.  Me. 
My parents instilled in me a strong work ethic.  That coupled with a very male eccentric (if not outdated) attitude that it is a man's responsibility to provide for his wife and family, lends to a long work day.  However, my parents were not the most patient of teachers either.  My fathers philosophy was "If you can't do a job right, get the F@$* out of the way and let someone else do it!"
So Elijah has that to contend with. 
I will give him some credit though.  He seems genuinely interested in trying, and wants to learn.  It's his propensity for being shown something and instantly determining  that he can do it his way and do it better, that will be his downfall.  Yes, a standard teenage malady of "assumption of omnipotence" which leads to locked horns and heated exchanges!  Although, given the very limited space in which we have to work he is starting to learn the dance steps.  For anyone that has worked in an industrial setting, you will know that men in close quarters develop an unspoken form of movement that keeps all parties from stepping on toes or bumping someone into a machine.  He seems capable of recognizing that fact, occasionally having to be reminded by a slight push on his back or shoulders.  He'll get it.
All in all, I have to overcome my own idiosyncrasies to give him the benefit of learning. 
God grant me strength.
Did anyone else have a weird day yesterday?
Not for the reason's I mentioned, but something odd was going on in the cosmos yesterday that wreaked havoc.  Our computer inexplicably just stopped working properly.  We couldn't access anything except blank pages, and the credit card machine was inaccessible for half the day.  My cell phone kept conking out, dropping calls, and on a couple occasions dialed numbers on it's own and wasn't in my pocket?  Then, through a series of inexplicable events, at the end of the day Kaleb came up to the shop to get money for dinner (it was "Waffle Wednesday!"  The kiddo's are going through a phase where they want each evening meal to start with the same letter as the day)  I asked the older boys to bring in the outside goodies, so I could close out.  As we had been unable to access Craigslist during the day to post the bikes we built, I gave it one more try and found out the computer was working again.  As the shopping list was long, I asked Elijah to accompany Kaleb to the store, and I would finish up and meet them at home.  Now, already running about twenty minuets late, I gathered up the remaining children and said it was time to go.  It was at that point I realized that I had not asked for my keys from Elijah!  ARRGH!  When I went to call him, then tried Angela, I discovered my cell phone was not working again!  It kept telling me "Network Not Available!?".  Using the corner stores phone, I made several attempts to reach both Elijah and Angela (they have the same nasty habit of not answering calls from numbers they don't recognize!) Once Angela finally answered she suggested I send Logan home to retrieve her copy of the key.  So I did.  We waited.  He returned (rather quickly) with the key.....that didn't work.  Once again contacted Elijah, calmly requesting he bring my key.
Needless to say, we didn't eat dinner until about 9 pm last night!  I can only assume it had something to do with the moon, as shortly before I nodded off last night, Miranda woke up, with gusto!  Obviously not wanting to go back to sleep, I got her up and put on her shows and grabbed myself a bowl of 3 am popcorn.  Angi, who had been blissfully sound asleep, came out to relieve me, insisting that I return to bed, as I had to work in the morning.  She is very self sacrificing in that way, but I wasn't going to argue.  I knew I could leave Elijah there this morning to give her a chance to get a little more rest, which I hope she is doing right now.
I'm hoping for a much smoother day today!
BUT, the day itself was a GOOD one!  VERY busy, thank you all so VERY much!  We sold the electric bike!  And what a HOOT!  The couple that bought it took a while to conclude that it was exactly what he needed to commute with.   Once they made up their mind, they asked for a couple of minor adjustments while they "went home and got the money"  With a chuckle, they cautioned me that they had "a lot of singles".  Ominous.  When they returned, he was carrying a large candy box under his arm.  She admitted she came with him because she "wanted to see the expression on my face"  This is how they paid....

Trust me, it's a LOT more impressive in one HUGE stack!  Oh we had FUN with that stack!  Check out Elijah's Facebook entries for more pics!  I do a very good Demi Moore impression from "An Indecent Proposal!" 
Yes, as mentioned we were quite busy with new builds, and managed to get out four, with Elijah almost completing a fifth.  So, I best get back to it and get that one done!
See y'all soon!

ONY $65.00!!
ONY $65.00!!!
ONY $145.00!!!
ONLY $120.00!!!!


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