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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Blathering Blatherskite!

OK, I spent WAY to much time carrying on yesterday, so today's entry is going to be as brief as possible seeing  as I have a flood of repairs already! 
Yesterday saw three newbies go home with new families.  Thanks for giving them good homes!  Now, we only built one new gem for the line but before you jump my hinnie, that was because Elijah and I did some remodeling.  As my lovely wife will often times point out, I never think anything is a god idea unless I come up with it myself.  So I stand duly chastised.  When we first sat down and planned the layout for this store, the north wall in the shop was a topic of debate.  I wanted a rack to display the forks AND one for the handlebars.  Angi thought that it took up too much space and we should instead dedicate it to more floor space for bikes.  I persisted and she eventually threw up her hands and gave me my way.  Obviously, she realized eventually I would figure out SHE was right!  Yep.  She was.  The rack for the forks has always been too big, and never worked right.  SO yesterday, we gutted it, rearranged the whole section, and moved the handle bar rack down and turned it into the fork display.  Now I just have to find space for the handlebars on the wall!  I have to admit, it's a lot less claustrophobic with eight feet of additional floor space!


Yes, much nicer!  As always dear, you were right!
Now I gotta get a move on as I have two full rebuild special orders that have been waiting over a week for parts that just came in yesterday!
Sooooo, see ya soon!

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