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Friday, April 4, 2014

Werewolf Computer Salesman?

Seriously.  I'll pay a billion dollars for one night of normal sleep!
So, last nights episode was WAY out there!  Apparently, I was an architect hired by a computer start up to design and build a lavish suite, comprised of an upstairs loft style apartment, with adjoining offices, glass wall's, marble and stainless steel, very posh.  The first floor held a relaxed retail store and office space. The gentleman and his diminutive lady friend who hired me were very open and amiable.  After construction had finished the couple and I had become friendly and they offered me a sales position within their start up.  For some reason, I accepted.  As it turns out my responsibilities included infiltrating and befriending the owner of a rival start up. I was to report back on their daily goings on.  Slowly I began to realize something odd was going on over there, as regardless of how deep I got in the company there was a suite of labs I was not allowed in.  Taking the initiative I hacked my way into the main frame (like I could "hack"!) and discovered some research and lab videos of a secret plan to breed "vegetable/werewolf hybrids?!?!"
No kidding.  Killer werewolf broccoli!  With cauliflower brains, radish eye's, carrot limbs, tomato hearts, celery muscles  the works, all incased in a humanoid shaped opaque wrapper!  When I reported my findings back to my employers they called an emergency staff meeting.  The leader explained that their rivals were building an army and it was time to act.  Then, before my eyes, they all morphed into werewolves (not "Michael Landon fuzzy face in a Letterman's jacket" werewolves but "An American Werewolf in London" werewolves) then an all out war raged within  the city, all in the name of controlling the software market!?
Oh there was coleslaw and goulash sprayed everywhere from the ferocity of the attack!  My side prevailed, then the leader turned to me and said "time for you to join up" and slowly strode towards me....
Then I woke up!
I credit Angela and Miranda for saving me from an eternity of lycanthropy as they woke me at 4.30 am for a bottle and a change. 
SOOOOOO, back to reality!
Yesterday was a rather mundane day, sad to say.  Not much of anything exciting, though we did manage to send two more rides home with new folk.  Well, one new and one gent being a four time returner.  Not to mention the standard slew of repairs, thank you so very much for your trust and patronage!  Only managed to get one done and another one 90% there.  The finished one though is the rare and elusive "24" ladies cruiser!!!"  Yes the highly coveted platinum of cruisers!  And it's a mere $65.00!!!  WOW!  Now you're drooling like those werewolves!
Anywho!  Now I need to get caught up with repairs and get onto more builds!  Have a projects a plenty!
See ya 'round the campfire!
(don't forget the garlic and silver bullets!)

ONLY $65.00!!

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