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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rock 'em, Sock 'em Robots!


Went the sound of my head popping off!  That was the way of it yesterday, and we LOVED IT!
No sooner did we get something built yesterday did it go home with new families!  Thanks to all for making it so!  Built two new gems yesterday, and Elijah got four newbies torn down for rebuilds.  Couldn't keep up!  First was a trade we got the day before in the way of a Genesis Dual shock, that went out with a decent cruiser in trade.  Then, built up an old school "Big Boy" Huffy 5 speed (say what you will about the old tanks, but given the large frame size and heavy duty construction, they are perfect for those of a larger stature) and that one was snagged up even before it was finished! 
Thanks to all the repairs as well!  Had a gent come in on Monday looking to rehab an old Puch he was quite fond of.  She took some work but is now looking and running FINE! As always, we enjoy all the looky loos paying us a visit and especially enjoyed a visit from a gent from up in my neck of the wood's, New Hampshire!  He hails from Portsmouth, and found it very hard to believe I too, was from up there.  It's the accent.  I don't have mine anymore.  When Angi and I moved down South I went to work back in sales.  I learned real quick that in Houston Texas (our first Southern stop...for ten years) they do not trust Yankee's!  You can not be good at sales if the customer doesn't trust you!  Eventually the gent came to believe my lineage, as I divulged key info that only a true Seacoast resident would know. 
Today we have even more goodies to put out, I only hope they are not as time consuming as yesterdays as we NEED to get more put out!
Elijah is slowly getting the hang of things, that is to be expected.  I just need to get him to light a fire under his butt and move a bit faster.
So with that, I'd best get back to it!
See y'all soon!

26" Genesis Dual Shock!


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