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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Coke? Or Stem Cell Research?

When Angi and I first got together we never really "dated".  Oh, I asked her when we first met and she excepted but the evening plans were cancelled due to a family emergency on her part.  But we exchanged phone numbers, I gave her a hug and she gave me a kiss ( "who kissed who first" was a hotly debated subject for some years until her mother (who was waiting in the car) reminded her she went there first!) and we both promised we would get together as soon as possible.  A few days later I visited her at her house, by way of drop in, and after a few weeks of phone calls and visits, I knew she was the one I wanted to spend the remainder of my life with and saw no reason to prolong anything and asked her to move in with me.  At that point we did date, a little, and one of the places she took me, wanting to introduce me to some of her haunts in her hometown of Manchester, NH, was a "hole in the wall" video store.  Yes kiddies, this was before touch screens, IPAD'S, Cell Phones and Blue Ray when the relatively new entertainment was VHS tapes.  Now, when I say "Hole In The Wall" I am being quite literal.  In an old brick warehouse, in a somewhat run down edge of town sat an enormous video store!  Poorly lit, on row upon row upon row of hand built wooden racks sat every conceivable movie known to man available on tape.  Even some bootleg copies made from any number of unknown sources.  The whole thing comprised the entire bottom floor of this old building, they had even punched holes through a brick dividing wall in several sections, literally.  Someone had taken a sledgehammer, smashed a rough hewed archway and left it ragged at the edges!  it was the coolest thing!  The other side of the wall had dirt floors that they just tamped down.  I fell in love with the crudeness of the place.  Oh, I had my regular video haunts in my home town, but this place was a gold mine for the videophiles! 
It was with that image in mind that I eventually decided to embrace the other obsession in my life and bring it into our shop! At first I considered cleaning out the store room in the back, put up racks and have them there, but quickly realized the negative connotations associated with a video room in the "back" of the shop, and opted to just expand on the section next to the counter that already held our personal stock of movies we watch around here on a regular basis.  Elijah and I completed it yesterday (although I think we may have to build yet another small rack) and are now ready for business!  So far, we have heard mixed results.  Some think it's cool and we offer a good selection, while some think it is obtrusive and ill coupled with bikes.  I have my trepidations but also high hopes!  If nothing else, and it doesn't work out, we have a ready made "knickknack" shelf!
So here's hoping!
In case you are wondering....

As you can see, a small space dedicated to the obsession!
And for those inclined to shop, here's the skinny...

VHS: $1.00 EACH/A DOZEN $10.00
DVD'S: $3.00 EACH/4 FOR $10.00

Last night, all things considered, was fun.  As the AC is still out at the house (it's supposed to be replaced today!  Fingers crossed) and Angi, being incredibly understanding, sat it out in temps exceeding 90 degrees!  Personally, I couldn't do it!  Oh sure, back in  the day when I was doing construction we rarely worked on a house or office with AC.  More often then not we were running wires and duct work in attics in the middle of July!  So I was used to the heat.  But now, after four years plus of working in AC comfort?  I am a wimp.  So, feeling bad for Angi and the girls and not wanting to face an evening inside, I had the boys run to the store and get the fixings for barbecue and another kiddie pool.  Of course, somehow we lost the pump from the last one (last time I saw it Owen was using it as a gun) so Elijah, Kaleb, Logan and I took turns filling it up (OK, Elijah did most of it).  As the other kids waited for it to fill, we gave them free reign with the hose to drench one another, with Miranda dominating it.  Once air was in, and water filled, they frolicked until well after dark, pausing momentarily to nosh on BBQ Hot dogs and beans.  Once they were exhausted and cranky, we gave them a Redneck bath (hose by the front door) and dressed them for bed, where they immediately crashed.  At that point, it was big people time in the pool, to cool down and relax.  The whole evening defined the term "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!" 
Yesterday was dominated with setting up the movie section, and handling repairs.  Noting new built, BUT we did get in a few gem on trade, and I managed to get them stripped down and prepped for cleaning and assembly! So we should have some sweeties to show you later!
Now, for our public service announcement.  The big "No DUH'!" of the day is, warmer weather approaches!  DO NOT let the discomfort of the afternoon sun dissuade y'all from riding!  It's still relatively comfortable in the early hours and really nice in the evening (just don't forget your lights!).  Adjust your schedules accordingly!
ALL RIGHT!  Now, I gotta git and do my job! 
See y'all soon! 

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