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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dawn Of A New Day!

My sincerest apologies!  Some of you may be under the impression we fell off the Earth, or even worse, Closed!  I assure you that is NOT the case!  No, the silence is in reverence to personal issues.  Having been going through some serious problems in our lives, we have come through twists and turns and out the other side in a direction wholly unexpected.  Everyone is still breathing but just a little battered and worse for the wear. Trouble is, I have always FIRMLY believed that you never bring your personal life to work.  But when both your work and your personal life are SO tightly intermingled, it is just damn hard not to!   But, like with so many other peoples lives, we will persevere!  We MUST!
SO, with that in mind, I am once again refocusing my energies on getting this place back up and running!  My sincerest apologies go out to any and all who may have come in over the last month and been LESS then impressed with what they have found!  Sadly, my attention to detail had waned dramatically.  I spent last night doing some much needed cleaning and got up bright and early this morning, took the kiddos to school (2nd day!  YAY) and got an early start on things!  Already gotten in a couple of repairs, so from what came in yesterday, I look to have a pretty full day!  I did manage to put out ONE new ride yesterday (it has been SLOW on the buying front as well) a REALLY sharp looking ladies 7 speed comfort cruiser, after all the repairs that had been piling up!  Sorry for THAT too!  You know things are REALLY bad when I can't get through repairs in ONE DAY!! 
ALL that is water under the bridge at this point.  Better to have dealt with everything in the summer time, anyway, as things are slow already!  But NOW we are entering the FALL season!!  HUZZAH!!!  This is the time of year we LIVE for!  Here's hoping it is a GOOD one!!!  Shout out to those of you who HAVE been bringing us goodies! Most people want nothing to do with leaning out garages, back yards or sheds in the heat of a Florida summer, so "bless you" to the brave ones that did!  One of our regulars came in last week and dropped off two dozen old hulks he had been storing in his Mom's backyard, for whatever.  She got fed up and told him to make them disappear. Not wanting to just throw them away, he brought them to us for salvage.  Unfortunately, only got three potential rebuilds out of them, but at LEAST they won't be part of a landfill!!  The others has SOME usable parts, and the reminder went to the scrap yard to be recycled that very day! 
On my 2do list today are the repairs, then digging through the pile for something to rebuild!  BEST get to it!  See y'all very soon!!

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ONLY $95.00!!

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  1. Steven-

    You know I always worry when the blog takes a break. Hope all is well, or at least better. Hope to see you at the shop tomorrow morning.