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Monday, August 25, 2014

Technology Run AMUCK!!

OK, talk about a mind numbingly frustrating week, technology wise!  Let me spell it wise.  Internet connection, for some reason has been sketchy at best.  Computer went down three times, having caught a very vicious series of "viruses".  Cell phone, while working as a phone, unable to save pictures I took for almost a week, then started working again today!  SO, at least I can show you pic's of the last remaining three bikes we built last week.. Although they are a tad grainy...sorry, because of the phones OTHER problem!  The battery is a piece of garbage and won't hold a charge for more then five minuets.  If I forget to leave it plugged in, it goes poop.  SO, had to plug it in to the other side of the shop where the closest plug is!  ARRGH!!!  SO, needless to say, the Blog is out of date as well as our Facebook page!  We will keep plugging though, hopefully this will see print! 
HA, HA!!
Speaking of Technology.  One rule we put forth for the kids this school year was focus on classwork, homework and activities not derived from hand held's.  It has not gone over well!  Both Logan and Kaleb, dependent on them, have been fighting tooth and nail over the Mandate.  Had to confiscate another one from Logan this morning we had forgotten even existed, that he was trying to smuggle to school.  Didn't go over without a fight of tears and tantrums.  But we both feel they need to focus this year, especially as Logan is now in middle school!
Well, this post has taken a bit to get finished since starting this morning as I have quite a bit to work on, so I need to sign off, but look forward t seeing you all soon!!

image 1
ONLY $75.00!!!!
image 1
20" HARO BMX!!!
ONLY $95.00!!!!
image 1
ONLY $95.00!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Steven-

    I ain't no beer drinker, but that Mickey Ultra looks SLEEK. I'll have to send you a current photo of Iggy, all kitted out for The Long Ride. What a wonderful distance machine that has turned out to be, and all thanks to you.
    As for the gift and curse of technology, you know I do avoid so much of it, despite the complete irony of said statement even before it got typed into a computer.
    But yes, it is all wickedly addicting.