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Friday, August 22, 2014

About Bloody Time!!!

I FINALLY DID IT!!! My Long awaited STEP 1  I JOINED THE GYM!!!! YAY!!! Thanks to Angela and our son Elijah for being able to come up with the cash for the membership fees! I gotta tell you NOW after about a half hour ride to the shop, I am REALLY feeling it!!! OUCH!! I took MANY pictures, and will denote the machines I LOVED and those....not so much!!!  I set out with the goal of two hours...ENH, not so much! Did it in an hour and a half. When I joined I was assigned a trainer (oh this is Anytime Fitness by the way) Chase. He was AWESOME!!! I told him my goal. Basically put, I want to look like the actor who portrayed the most recent incarnation of Captain America.... (yes, there have actually been THREE captains before the most recent. That's if you count the original way back in the forties from the old serials) WELL, anyway, continuing the film references, my trainer has the body of Vin Diesel (ok ladies put your tounge back in your heads) but the face of Billy Mumy! If you don't know who THAT is, he played Will Robinson from "Lost in space" and if you want to get technical, he also played Lanier in "Babylon Five" a doomed lieutenant in one episode of Deep Space Nine, and a kid who could control EVERYTHING and kill with his mind in the famous episode of the Twilight Zone, which for some reason the name escapes me! But I digress.  I had started working out but kept staring at a guy I saw when I came in.   No, don't get all homophobic on me, I was admiring the way his body was built. BIG!!! He was a VERY mean looking black guy, and I hesitated, but wanting to document my transformation, I took pictures. SOOOO, I went up, introduced myself and told him just a  smattering of my story, or actually a "PLAN". He warmed up quickly. He gave me some VERY good advice. "don't plan, do" At first he gave me a very suspicious eye when I asked. I think he thought I was hitting on him! LOL! Anyway. He agreed to let me take his picture. NOW look at his picture and tell me how old you THINK he is. When I told him MY age, 47 he grinned REAL big and said, pointing to himself...48!!! HOLY SPIT!!! HE looked 20 if not day more! HE is my new goal!! With all due respect to the star spangled patriot. OBVIOUSLY it took him a while longer then six months, but I WILL do the work!!! And he also told me he is starting his OWN fitness and nutrition Plan. SIGN ME UP!! ANYWAY! SO here are the pictures. And I'm going to do a VERY rare selfie, to show you all what I am up against.  WELL SHOOT!!! The problems continue! I thought I took care of it, but now ANOTHER glitch in my computer persists. I CAN NOT down load the pics from my camera phone!!!!  I will have to take more tomorrow, however, I will try and send them to my email. Sometimes that works! Jeez!
So that was my night!  Here it's morning, and after opening up I a surprisingly not ore, I did low weights in ten reps on each machine.  Although I did do a lap on both the treadmill, the rower and the stairs.  And of course, the stationary bike!  I like those machines, they have TV's!!  I go back this evening, if I can keep my energy level up!  WOOF!  I was so bloody tired by the tie I got home, but I could not fall asleep to save myself!  Also had one other problem I had forgotten all about!  Ten years or so ago Angela put me on as strict diet that help me loose 50 pounds, but with the riding ad exercise, I was still smoking at the time. Trouble is, when you have been o bloody unhealthy for o long, and you finally get your body doing what it is suppose to do, it wants to force out all the smoke and gunk in your lungs.  This results in a lot of coughing!  ESPECIALLY at night when you are trying to sleep.  After falling asleep around one am, I was forced to wake up around three and clean out my lungs.  YUCK!!  Lots, and lots of phlegm!  BUT, it is what needs to be done!  I' not going to be around much longer if I o not get into shape!
SO!  Yesterday at the shop we managed to get out a real sharp looking Haro BMX!  I would show you a picture but unfortunately, I can not get the pics to download to the camera.  Jut take my word for it, it is sharp looking!
Today, I have some more pickings to dig through and hope to have more to talk about later!  See ya soon!!

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  1. Ok, my friend, two formulas you need to know now: The Diet Formula and The Exercise Formula. Follow these for a year, let your beard grow back out, and no one will be able to tell us apart:

    Diet: You are alllowed two calories per pound of your current weight per meal per day, and you are to eat four meals a day four hours apart over a span of twelve hours each day. No skipping meals. And no cheating.

    Exercise: You will exercise one minute per pound of your current weight every day, in nothing less than 30 minutes chunks. I recommend bicycling. As a matter of fact, I demand it.

    That's it. That's how I shed one third of my body weight in one year, and that's how I keep it off. DO calculate your BMI every week, and do your weekly weigh in. (I weight myself every Saturday morning when I get up- before breakfast.

    You can do this.

    You'd better.