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Friday, August 8, 2014

Accursed Day!

47 years ago, on this date a great evil entered this world.  On a stormy night, the pains began and after hours of suffering, the ground shook, the very bowels of hell shuddered, thankful to be rid of the most vile of demons.  Today, as I sit looking out the window, at the most violent of storms, I can not help but be reminded of the curse brought forth on this unsuspecting world, and that the very Heavens weeps for that curse to still walk among their favored humans.
Had ya's goin' there for a second!
Yesterday was a busy one so we thank you for that!  Maybe we can squirrel away a few bucks, as Angi and My present to me is a light dinner and a movie!  Guardians of the Galaxy!!!  YAY!!!
We managed to get out SEVEN new rides yesterday, with one more in the rack!  I only have pics of one though, five of the others are under 20" kiddo bikes, and the other, a men's MTB that sold still in the rack.
Today, after finishing the cruiser, I hope to empty out the rest of Bone Row!  Getting ready for Saturday!
Now, mind you, if you got plans to visit us after six pm tonight, please call first.  If the afternoon is slow we will be closing at six, so I can get home, chill, take a shower and get out early!
So, without further adieu...
See ya soon!

image 1
ONLY $55.00!!!!


  1. Happy birthday dear Steven,
    Happy birthday dear Steven,
    Happy birthday dear Steveeeennnnnnn,
    We're glad you're still alive!

    And you get double extra bonus points if you can identify the source of THAT one!

  2. Just got back in town and checked the blog. HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!! and best wishes for your next trip around the sun. =)