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Thursday, August 14, 2014


This is that time of year again, IN SPADES!!!
The time of year where every parent (and there are a lot of us) that go into panic mode! 
"HOLY SPIT!!!  School starts WHEN!!"
Yes, the kiddos are going back to school in  little more then a week and everyone is scrambling to get the things that they need for the new year.  THANK YOU so much to our kiddo's school, for thinking of us this year.  We are on their "help" list, and they brought three back packs chock full of the necessary supplies to the house yesterday!  Angi was quick thinking, and thankful for the delivery, and quick in ensuring that tehy got put away safely, hidden in our room, as the kiddo's, grabbing them up, had begun to decimate them looking for what treasures they withheld!  Trust me, she hid them where they cannot find them!
Of course, the mad rush focus on the needed items for all families has left the hop, hell, the whole plaza, DEAD!  NO ONE thinks of their kiddos transportation until the very last minute.  Quite frankly, it's the same thing EVERY year!  The night before Christmas, and the day before the first school day, we get flooded by folks having just remembered
"OH CRIPES!  How is little Johnny/Jane going to GET to school!?!?"
Yes, you ALL know this is going to be a factor, folks, so before you are forced to miss work, or be late for that days appointment, best to get on down here and pick up a ride,, while they last! 
LORD KNOWS it will help alleviate a LOT of stresses!
SO, yesterday, that was what we were up against.  D...E....A.....D!
Was our first day really BACK to work, unfortunately, it was a day of false starts.  The three bikes I started to strip down for rebuilds turned out to have insurmountable problems, and now sit semi deconstructed in the scrap pile. The FOURTH one, having gone all the way to frame is in my rack, ready to be put back together!  And that's what I am about to do!
KEEP IN MIND!!!  You have us over a barrel head!  We ARE willing to deal with WHATEVER we have in stock left!  As it has been SO slow, there has been no cash to BUY!  And let me tell you, a LOT of people are looking to sell!  Help us get some fresh meat in hear, and COME ON DOWN!!!
See ya soon!!

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