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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Next Day....

WELL!  Thanks to ALL the folks visiting us yesterday!  Feels ALMOST normal around here again!  Well, except for the huge gaping holes in our stock. 
(Isn't that funny...Hole and Whole sound exactly alike, but mean TOTALLY different things!)
But I AM working on that!  Put THREE out yesterday and already have had a flood of texts and calls about them!  And they are JUST your run of the mill Mountain Bikes!!  Guess the populace has been STARVING for fresh meat!  NO WORRIES!  Will have more soon!  Not only has the flood gates opened for buyers, once again, but folks are starting to SELL again!  I suppose that's due to the HEFTY cost of buying supplies for the school kids!  Remember when WE were kids!  Your supplies consisted of a Lunch Box (My fave was Looney Tunes and Schmoo) a couple pencils and a gummy eraser.  NOW, you have to buy out an office supply store for each kid!  HOORAY for the education budget!  And MIND you, back then we did NOT have computers, laptops or IPAD's as part of our curriculum!  So WHY all the freaking PAPER stuff!?  No, the best WE got was an OCCASIONAL slide show Or the once a semester "educational" film with the guy that TRIED to sound like he was really interested in what he was talking about!  Now a days when I ask my kids what they learned today, they tell me what "cool, fun" MOVIE they watched in class!  I mean...REALLY?  Last year it was a string of Disney DVD'S!?  What the heck is EDUCATIONAL about THAT!?
HOPEFULLY with not having to deal with FCAT our kids may ACTUALLY LEARN something this year!!
Now...back to ANYWAY!
Thanks to Uncle Chippie for visiting this morning and making sure all were well.  Again, Yep, we are pressing on! 
Got in SEVERAL repairs yesterday, finished MOST.  Couple last minuter's hanging on, but will get to them Post haste! 
We are ALL getting used to "ONCE AGAIN" the new school year.  With Kaleb in High School now, he has to get up at 5 am (ouch) and Angi is his alarm clock!  I DO hope she does not have to do that ALL year, and the boy will start waking up on his own!  At least, riding his bike to school, he seems to be awake once he get's there!  Owen and Rozy are still in elementary.  Feels REAL good that for at least these children we have been able, for the last eight years, to remain stable in at least the same school zone, so they have gone to the same school since Kindergarten!  What we always wanted, stability for them!!  HUZZAH!!  And folks, you all, and your continued patronage of our little shop are the reason WHY we have been able to KEEP that stability!  DO NOT think for  second we don't recognize that! 
Speaking of shop, forgot to mention on Monday (and I am making all the notifications today) that our "WINTER HOURS" have kicked in at the start of the new school year.  Yes, from now until next summer we are open M-F 9am-6pm, and Sat 9am-5pm!  This way, I can get the little guys home, and we get them fed, bathed dressed and settled in before ten pm!!
Adjust your clocks accordingly!
Just had a couple, regulars of ours, come back in and say Hi.  He's originally from NH as well, up in Goram, and they just get back from a month up there.  Lucky Bastards!!!  They raved about how beautiful it is (I know) and how much FUN it is (I KNOW!!!)  and how much they REALLY wanted to STAY up there (I BLOODY KNOW!!!)  I'm just funnin'!  I really enjoyed revisiting the complete beauty and majesty of home! 
ALSO, speaking of "Holiday Folks"  Two of the bikes you see below came from the same source yesterday.  They are basically BRAND NEW, only two months Old.  Seems a couple came down to Florida IN THE SUMMERTIME for a vacation (Snowbirds in reverse) and had ordered these two bikes online to be delivered to their condo and have them there when they came in.  The had heard how much FUN it is to ride a bike in Florida.  Don't get me wrong, it IS nice.....October thru April!  They came in in the evening (much cooler in the evening in the beginning of July) and put the bikes together that night with the intent of taking a morning ride to explore.  They came out of their AC at around 9 am and were Like "WHAT THE F.....?!?!)  They NEVER got to ride the bloody things!  Two months of nothing but stifling heat, OPPRESSIVE humidity and DAILY torrential rains!  YES, for those of you reading this that DON'T live in Florida, they really need to put a HAZMAT Quarantine sign on the borders leading to Florida between June and September! 
All right!  Now, I best get at it!  Check out the goodies from yesterday and will see you later!
image 1
ONLY $85.00!!

image 1
ONLY $95.00!!
image 1

1 comment:

  1. Steven-

    You know me: Any time you don't post a new blog for a couple of days, I get worried. Glad to see your keel is back a bit closer to center, but man, the shop was EMPTY!

    One the plus side, I was HONORED to buy that Worksman chainguard from you this morning, seeing as how that very American bicycle company has been in business in NYC since 1898, and still is. The Lovely JoAnn has a massive three-speed Worksman mover industrial factory trike as her shopping trike- Talk about a fine mechanical beast of burden!

    The humble chainguard now sports two coats of high-gloss black appliance lacquer, and will be a sleek addition to Pan, my urban hipster single speed.

    See you real soon.